Friday, 29 July 2011

Up, Up and Awayyyyyyyy

GTAIV on PC is pretty modtastic, this made me chuckle:

Source: PC Gamer

Shooter with strategic elements - pretty damn confident we've cracked it

Yeah, I'm blabbing on about Starhawk again. I don't get on with strategy games on the whole, but I do like more depth in my shooters, the Starhawk panel once again reiterated the unique approach Lightbox have taken, i.e. lots of TLC and detail in getting the game mechanics right over and above the elements the industry runs away with too often i.e. marketing, styling, story etc. Because these can always go on top of a game engine anyway.

If only all games were made this way. I'm all about 2012 and Starhawk.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

L.A. Noire

OK, so it's been a while since i posted here, shit happens, real life, staying over the missus's a lot (she has no intarwebs). But she has gone camping this week so i'm back in the Unofficial bunker.. What i decided to do was sit down with L.A. Noire and get into this game, though i use the term 'game' in the loosest possible term here, it's more of an interactive experience where you will follow the storyline, why so? because if you decide to wander off and explore the sandbox city you will find abso-facking-lutely nothing to do. C'mon, this is a Rockstar game, a sandbox, but it's so deviod of anything it makes the small kittens cry. Oh sorry, you can find 'hidden' cars and maybe get to a street crime, of which there are only 40, if you're lucky.
Cole Phelps.. a man lacking in any sort of personality, which wouldn't be so bad if you could craft him in your own image, but no, he's about as interesting as a wet rag and plays it all by the book. You will investigate the crimes with him and that's it. Despite being a Rockstar game you can't even get your gun out and relieve the bordom by offing a few citizens in a rage fueled killing spree..
The other major failing is the fact you can't fail the game, hell, i completed cases getting only 1 of the questions right and finding half the clues. I keep getting the feeling that i'm only going through the motions, go here, ask a few questions, drive there look at some stuff, repeat until case solved, it's not hard. i never once so far have felt that i am in control of the game and i'm only jabbing a few buttons to advance the storyline.
Somewhat like i felt playing Heavy Rain...

Rockstar have been making progressively worse games lately, it started with GTAIV only to be redeemed by The Lost And Damned DLC, Red Dead and the worms had started eating their way in, and now here we are at LA Noire wandering around an authentic 1940's box wondering if there is actually something, anything to do. Pretty graphics do not a good game make.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Anyone using Steam?

As you know probably, Portal 2 comes with a free licence for the PC version on Steam. I've always kept PCs for work and consoles for play, but with a less techy role these days I'm more inclined to play on my pretty Sony Vaio, which has a fair stab at running Portal 2 if you switch off the fancy rendering.

Steam is really nice, lots of bargains on there at the moment as well. Team Fortress 2 is free now too, result, downloading now. If you lot want to add me on Steam, it's psn_mrjimmy.