Monday, 28 June 2010

The Ginger Holocaust Invades TF 2

Thanks go out to Mr.Monkey for the awesome link.
Yeah, i did wonder where Mr Harry had wandered off to this weekend ;)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

3DTV For Less Than £50 Project

That's right, the trained monkies down in our R+D basement have come up with this cheap solution to your 3D display needs. So, it only runs at 576i 60Hz on the 26" Toshiba but it does run your PS3 etc. in 3D, and the whole rig only cost 50 beer tokens to build. The image is improved if you can send a 480i 60hz NTSC input into it, also you need to be in a fairly dim room to avoid the flicker. But apart from that after wearing the glasses for 10 minutes or so you will have adjusted to the screens output.

don't expect the sort of image quality you get from the new HD3DTVs, but for a standard definition work around this box does a pretty good job, i played Split/Second for a few hours and the thing is the 3D effect is all about depth rather than things popping out of the screen, so you look into the screen, it works. i also watched Mongrels in 3D and i really was impressed by the picture. if you have something like a HUD up then the depth is even more noticeable, for example i bought up the TVs menu and the game was drawn down quite a few inches behind it, if you have the foreground/background contast it does genuinely feel deep and 3D.

right. better that the screen off the catbox before it savages me.

[mobiletone] adapting forgotten tech to todays needs.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

FF13 Versus Shots - Finally

It's been about 4 years since SquareEnix announced Final Fantasy 13 Versus, but this week Famitsu finally has some gameplay screenshots (apparently running on PS3 hardware).

According to game director Tetsuya Nomura, the scenes are all 'in game' but they have taken away all HUD items as they aren't ready to reveal details about the gameplay systems.

I reckon this may turn out to be a very action orientated RPG, with realtime combat, but that's just a hunch!

Check out the screenies below:

Jaywalking beast
Notcis a go-go

Can't wait to hear/see more of this, but reckon we might be in for a wait!


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Now With 2.5% Added Width

Well what can i say, been kind of busy with life the universe and something, and suffering from post-e3 game pre-ordering stress syndrome. October looks like it's to be a monster month for games this year, delays allowing, but i had a quick shufty, and there was LBP2, Fallout:New Vegas, Test Drive Unlimited 2, then Gran Turismo 5 for a start... i dread to think of the other stuff i could eat up without a second thought.

Anything you saw at E3 that got dumped into your pre-order pile, and why?

LBP2, for me this takes me back to those game creator kits that used to be almost popular way back in the day where you could make a thousand and one shoot 'em ups or platform games with little knowledge and a bucket of enthusiasm.

Fallout:NV, Fallout 3 was the biggest RPG i've burnt time on to date on the PS3, i loved wandering the Wastelands, rummaging about to survive adn going on strange quests for then people i met, despite spending 300+hrs on it i still never visited everwhere on the map.

TDU2, never played the first game but i am interested in the whole set of ideas behind this title, an open world driving game where your in-game life style is almost as important as getting behind the wheel and flooring it.

GT5.. need i say anything here really? i can almost taste the synth' oil in the air.

I'm STILL playing:- that damned Borderlands, finished the final final final mission today, Moxxis Underdome with my Siren character solo. isn't it about time we got some more DLC for that game, i don't mean full blown packs but i thought we were due some mission packs, maybe they're busy working on B2.

Red Dead Redemption, great game but nothing to do really once the credits have rolled, still not sure over what happened after the credits, personally i think the game should have ended at the barn and allowed maybe for a playthrough two. Need to give online a bit more time i think as that's rather fun.

Killzone 2, replaying this as i lost my original save file, doing it without HUD or crosshairs, i can recommend playing it this way. NOT happy to hear the devs have changed the control system for KZ3, loosing the weighted feel for something 'more responsive' hrmmmm, fugging whiney COD players messing up our game.

ps: anyone watch 'Mongels' on BBC3? funniest thing on TV this year. the foxes song about chickens ahad me cracked up :D

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Inside Home: E3 Zone

Couldn't figure out where to view the Sony E3 presentation though, but it had 7 trailers running and a big screen on the wall that seemed to spam Move every other clip. Got into the VIP area and let off a bubble machine in the Killzone booth *chuckles* Think i'll be visiting it a bit more often now it has a new front end and stchuff.

I'm the one in the stripy red top and boobies. Was going to buy a motorstorm jacket for 79p but realized i'd blown the loose change in my account on a downloadable TankGirl comic on my PSP this afternoon. The guy in the Killzone outfit was most impressive. I did get some free animated virtual 3D/Tron glasses though, which i'm sporting in teh pic.


I Am The Stig

November 2nd can't come soon enough. This is Gran Turismo 5's collector's edition, which will cost car lovers and GT fanboys $99.

For that money, you'll get the game, a 1:43 scale model by Kyosho of a 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V, a 300-page "car-lover's guide", keychain, 5 downloadable bonus cars and an enormous box.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Kevin Butler: We Love Gaming

[edit] posted better quality clip

REZ 2? Child of Eden

Looks damn pretty and VERY Rez like yeah, not surprising seeing as it's from the same guy. Good news for you non-arm waving people is that it can be played with a joypad too, good move that!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Did Somebody Mention Football?

Not on this blog they don't. i announce that this blog is officially a football free zone for the forseeable future, so like the real men we are, and not those poncey pigs bladder kickers, i give you Emily Booth, in a bikini, shooting weapon, viva game geeks :)

Also, it's a week to go until E3, and there's leaks of mr Sketchs long waited for new PS3 revision, Two new PS3 models (CECH-2501A and CECH-2501B) have been tested by the FCC and certified for both 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR expect Sony to have something to say about that. Me, i'm looking forwards to see what Ninty has to annouce about the DS 3D, been following the rumors, scribbles from mad chinese workers and general hubbub on the net for a while now and i have to say i'm officially hooked on the concept.

what are you look forwards to seeing?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mortal Kombat Rebirth

Teaser for a new Mortal Kombat game/film? Speculate below...

Warning, not safe for work!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

THAT 30 Minute RDR Short Film

If you have made it already to Mexico then there are no spoilers. The film has been made out of re-editing the games cut scenes and dropping some game play in here and there. This is a bit less than i expected and nothing more than what a fan could do with a copy of the game and Windows Movie Maker.. But if you have a spare 1/2hr and are a fan of the game, enjoy.

[mobiletone] has the urge to watch High Plains Drifter

Monday, 7 June 2010

On The Train Back To Civilisation

And as i sit there i wonder if anyone at work would appreciate my 40hrs of gameplay wracked up in the last week or my Hero/Legend status in Red Dead Redemption...

It's not easy being a cowboy ;)

Unlocked the final map area last night, and it's a bit of a shock adjusting to civilisation after so long in the wild frontier. Done pretty well with the ambient challenges, finding all the hidden gold -w00t- and getting a good few survival ones under my belt.

After i gained Legend status i decided to don the bandana of dhooom so i could just go around shooting people up and venting all that repressed annoyance i held back while gaining my fame points. The walton gang outfit is definitely my favorite.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Real Life Redemption

When you find a girl willing to dress up in burlesque for your birthday, you have to realise life aint so bad. She also plays bike polo and is generally kick arse. Splinky, i love you, you weird and wonderful creature.

[mobiletone] tis my burfday, full english and beer and girly for breakfast.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sony Not To Blame Say Sony (Maybe)

"I can tell you what it's not: It's not a geological fault, and it's not the product of an earthquake," said David Monterroso, a geophysics engineer at the National Disaster Management Agency. "That's all we know. We're going to have to descend."

We have contacted Sony to ask whether this freak event could have been caused by two or more launch day 60Gb PS3s simultaneously failing within a 1/4 radius of each other. As yet they have failed to reply.

Team ThreeSpeech sent one of it's top men down in a probe earlier, here is the recovered footage:


Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I’d like to start off by saying that no, I never played the first Deus Ex game. I also never played the second! But the look and general feel I get from the latest Deus Ex trailer has compelled me to visit these games and ready myself for something epic.

The trailer that has inspired me to get on the 64 bit (or what ever bit it was) time machine is this one:

There are lots of hidden themes that are truly deep and meaningfully to the overall idea behind augmentations. Something that will be great to see fully realised within the final game.

Lets just hope the new trailer to hit on Friday provokes the same response.

leaked pics:

So what do you think of this awesome looking game so far? Something you could see yourself buying judging solely from these trailers?


I'm Straight Out The Trailer