Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

Long Live Play - something Wednesday week

Ashes to Ashes, Dust, to Dust.

like some mad hybrid between Lemmings and an old Molyneux game From Dust is a bit of a gem on the PSN. I downloaded the demo and after a play around got the full game, the premise is basic, get your little tribes people to make villages and get to the exit portal, but all the while you battle against the forces of nature, so far Tusmanis and Volcanos and Water. You have certain things you can do to progress your tribe by unlocking hidden knowledge, these come about by reforesting percentage of map etc. Once you have a nice stable map for your tribe you can get creative and build lagoons, mountains rivers and just chill out with it before deciding to advance to the next level. Spent a good few hours on Sunday evening playing with this title and enjoyed myself totally.

status: approved.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clans and Forums and stuff

OK one reason I got involved with blogging was to meet and play other gamers online, but I've not been getting on that well with it. While most of the lurkers on U3S are on my friends list, I don't meet them on PSN very often.

Taking KZ3 as an example, this game is at it's best with a well organised clan, headsets all round, meet in the lobby for tactics, then go get 'em. Lovely....

... only many players don't get this together. Some sure only dip in and out, but there are other games more suited to this, you can't beat an organised clan side with an unorganised but more skilled team, not usually. When I cracked open KZ3 beta then release, I swiftly went about setting up a U3S clan, but with only one or two takers for one or two days, that wan't up to it.

There was then the GDNA clan, this was fine for a while and fanpages did a good job in rallying a sizable membership. Fun was had on a very few ad hoc nights, but no clan games or regular meet times, so I looked elsewhere.

Next up TSAN. Regular meets Mon and Fri evenings were on, and about 8 attendees each time, but this was mostly bootcamps i.e. training for a clan game, although the one clan game organised I couldn't make, and the organiser has gone all quiet.

I'm jumping KS3 clan again, I'm trying out GoM (Grumpy Old Men). I like the look of this, hundreds of older UK gamers, skill not important, a good clan website (liking the enjin) and lots of games, PS3 only.

Cross fingers I may get a few decent games before Battlefield 3 launches, then start that one with a good crew around me.

What say you lot, who do you game with, what sites do you chat on?

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Uncharted 3 Sand Art

Don't know if you guys have seen this. Stolen from the Eww blog. I thought it was pretty awesome and helps get us hyped up for the Uncharted 3 release! Drake I've missed you.

We're Just Bitches with Keyboards

Monday, 5 September 2011

Dragon Quest X Footage

Now we will finally have a reason to buy a Wii (also for WiiU). I know you probably haven't touched a DQ game, the last PS one was way back on the PS2, but DQIX on the NDS was a work of wonderfulness, the localisation team did a top job and it had some genuinely LoL humour in it, plus character customisation was done properly, as in your on screen character actually changed items rather than just numbers on a stat' page. My only concern is that this game is being handled by Squenix.. sad smiley face, but judging from the footage alone it looks true to the series. role on 2013 when we'll probably get it here. heh.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

zomb nom nom

It may not be fasionable to say so, but I want MORE zombie games.

oh look... out Friday, I'm going preowned in the winter when it's darker earlier.