Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Sony Song - Portal Parody

Sums up the situation rather well. Latest official Sony blog post actually gives the details we all needed. I was hoping we'd be back up before we weekend, doesn't look likely though.

Unofficial DiRT3 Trailer/Movie

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Yes, it does do telly, weary Sony tells UK

ELECTRONICS giant Sony has grudgingly responded to the British public's single question about its sophisticated new tablet computer.

Sony's highly advanced new S1 machine uses Google's Android 3.0 operating system alongside impressive technical specifications including state-of-the-art core technology that allows it to decode 1080p h264 content.

But the corporation held a special UK press conference last night to confirm the only attribute of the device that really matters to the British people.

A spokesman said: “In response to the thousands of emails, letters and burger wrappers with crayon writing on them that we have received from the United Kingdom, I am forced to confirm that this cutting-edge machine, which was years in development with some of the finest minds our industry has ever seen, does do telly.

"For clarity's sake, this includes the dancing. And the skating.

"And, yes, also the boobies.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I just have to go and kill myself.”

British citizen Tom Logan said: “I think he say it do telly. But me not sure. He say other long words too, make head hurt.

"Do not get me wrong. Me want thing. It shiny. But what if me buy then it no do telly?

"Then me angry, smash shop with stick.”

UK-based technology journalist Emma Bradford said: “It's terribly depressing that whenever a potentially revolutionary piece of technology hits the market, we as a nation simply grunt, 'do it do telly'?

"The question we should be asking is 'do it do telly better than other thing?'.

posted by Mobiletone and the ever sexy FuzzBox from a vast floating bastard huge boat off the coast of Cuba having fleeced $2 from every PSN account and channelled it into an offshore bank account. Codename: Rebug has turned out to be an absolute success netting around £100,000,000 UKP. I love it when a plan comes together. ;)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So Bad It's Practically Great

I can recommend watching some Harry Partridge 'toons, they're fun. As for the upcoming holiday weekend looks like i'll be spending it painting etc Rach's new flat. new homes, new beginnings and all that stuff hey... change... meh... women, they haz me wrapped around teh fingerz!

i know she said 'dirty weekend' but being covered in paint and plaster dust wasn't what i had in mind ;)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

sorry about that lack of updates

what with work lately, a gig for the ***** Royal Dockyard digitising a bunch of drawings etc, seeing the little woman (think of a weirder prettier older version of lilly allen, she is an allen too! woot - that would explain the similarities in looks i guess), her 15yr old son got done for bricking a bl00dy shop window last week! *rolls eyes*. also the nice weather has me out on my bike a lot and it seems the only thing i get to play is PKM white during my breaks and some GT5 when i'm home.

i know there's a ton of decent stuff around at the moment, but IRL is handing out better trophies ;D

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The only sports title (without cars) that I've ever loved...

... is coming back. SSX. Usual fanboy rubbish all over tinternet due to lack of visuals, here is our first proper info.

I have one request only - I want Mix Master Mike on the playlist :)