Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hardcore Gamer Stabbed to Death

A CRAZED husband stabbed his wife to death as she played a computer game, a court has heard. Vladimir Gruener knifed his wife Nadja 17 times in the face, breast, legs and three times in the heart, a court was told.

Gruener, 48, said he killed his wife because he had lost her to "endless hours of computer gaming". He denies murder but is claiming manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

At his trial in Bonn, Germany, he claimed: "Everything went well between us until January, when she began sitting in front of the computer, sometimes up to 16 hours per day.

"I don't know what she was playing. There was shooting and then people were being captured. At night I would set the alarm for 2am and then go to the computer in the children's room. She was there. "I told her 'You can't do this'. She replied: 'I don't love you anymore. Something is missing'. That finished me."

He said: "In my soul I had the feeling that I had been ripped apart. We had a good life, actually, with two children." Their son, aged 12, and three-year-old daughter were in the apartment in Bonn at the time of the murder.

He told the court: "I drank vodka, I'm not sure exactly - she said something - I'm not sure what, I had a knife in my hand, then she fell down. I can't explain the state I was in exactly."

The case continues...


Minis FAQ, not the Cooper Turbo

What is minis?

It's a category on PlayStation Store that contains smaller, snackable games for PSP that are quick to download, easy to pick up and play and perfectly suited to gaming on the go.

How long do the games take to download?

This will vary depending on the title and is largely dependent on your Internet connection. However, minis have a maximum file size of 100MB, so downloads should not take long at all.

How much will they cost?

Like much of the content on PlayStation Store, pricing is determined by the publisher and may vary, although it will be in keeping with the ethos of smaller, accessible content.

How regularly will new games be added?

There are around 15 titles available at launch, with approximately 50 set to arrive by the end of 2009. The rate and regularity of updates going forward is, once again, largely dependent on publishers.

Will the section include any recognisable titles?

Well-known classics, such as Tetris, available from launch, as well as brand new games and titles seen on other platforms, such as mobile phones.

Will we ever see user-generated content released via minis?

One of the factors making minis possible is a recent reduction in PSP development costs. This opens up the platform to smaller development teams; however, these teams are still made up of professional game developers.

Will minis be available on all PSP systems?

Yes, minis is launching alongside PSPgo and is available on all PSP systems, providing you have a Memory Stick, access to a Wireless Internet connection and a PlayStation Network account.

Monday, 28 September 2009

GT5: Crash Damage?

/// Despite the drivers best efforts to fuck the Scoobydoo's shit up in GT5's much touted 'crash damage' modeling system, what do we really get? well, cliche one - flappy door syndrome or FDS as it's known in my apt, cliche two - bumper hanging off.. what is this, 1998 or something?? has the self crowned master of all things drivable and shiny no fucking clue how to break stuff? i guess not, and you can bet we won't be getting car roll overs either. check the video out, i can't even see any paint being scuffed. thoughts gentlemen please? consider carefully the damage (or lack of) that's being shown here and the total just been chewed up and spat out by Truckasaurus system that's used in DiRT2.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

It's been a very long time coming, but finally after years of hard work and dedication comes the fan made- Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy.

Click here to access the site and gather details on how to download your copy for free. Check back for reviews and impressions of the much anticipated film.


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Super Serious Cop Drama

and in case you missed episode one, you can hit it up [HERE] i'm HYPED for this game.


Friday, 25 September 2009

Metal Gear? YES! METAL GEAR!!!!

Hello girl gamers! Hello guy gamers! have some amazing in-game screen shots for you. All taken from the demo version of Kojimas much wanted Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Apologies for the bad picture quality, was taking the pics with a camera directly from my psp.

and ooooooohhhhh my are the graphics good!

Take a peek a boo at some of these pics, the style and substance of this game is truley unbelieveable.

So if anyone has any concerns that this isn't going to be a fully realised Metal Gear that blows you away with style, rich graphics, crisp sound effects and tones of balls, then those concerns will be addressed come release date.


ppppsssstttt! Hey you! wana play MGS, yea? here is the link for the demo

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Face off!

Hi lads and ladies, it's your friendly neighbourhood E-ROLE here. Feels great to be back posting on Threespeech!

Thought I’d direct you guys to two very interesting vids that have recently shown up on the net. It’s basically a chance to see how good the graphics between Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 really are. What we have here are two vids celebrating the Ferrari458 Italia, one created with the Forza engine and one with the Gran Turismo engine.



So tell us what you think, what is the most stylish and in your opinion, what engine has the superior graphics.

And just in case you guys havn't heard, Gran Turismo 5 will be out March 2010. We've waited this long, so it's got to be good!.......i hope.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

why Sony won't give you Backwards Compatability

A document has emerged on the internet showing the full transcript of a meeting between SEGA and SCEA at the highest level on the 5th of August and showed details of forthcoming plans for a PS2 Emulator on the PS3 and much more.

According to French website, Objectif-Sega, which got hold of the document, the old Playstation 2 games, which are not compatible with the new Playstation 3 Slim, will be available as digital downloads on Sony's Playstation 3 console via PSN. Read more: moar!

/// So, there we have it. The real reason i think Sony have refused to include backwards compatibility into the new PS3 Slim is because they want you to pay out for all those great PS2 games all over again by buying them from the Store. This could be seen by some as a wise move from a company that needs to re-coop some losses lately, or it could also be seen as gypping the loyal fanbase by withholding a feature that was included in the earlier PlayStation models and making them pay to play games they probably already own. i just think my launch 60Gb went up in value a bit.


Fallout 3 GoTY Edition

question is: Will the savegames from the original Fallout 3 on the Playstation 3 work with the Game of the Year edition, or will we have to start playing the game all over again?

hope you reply soon, and keep up the great work.

PSN: Mobiletone

"Your saves will be compatible. Thank you for playing Fallout 3."

- Zenimax.com

you can pick up the Fallout 3 GoTY Edition for a mere £29.99 The Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition follows on from 2008’s epic release with the ultimate Fallout 3 expansion pack. Containing the full Fallout 3 game plus 5 pieces of unique content; Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. This pack drops (October 16th) after all the DLC has hit the PSN Store and looks like a mighty fine deal to me, unless you absolutely cannot wait for the new content that is or are just after maybe one or two further adventures.

Monday, 21 September 2009

MAG Beta Codes

Got mine today, anyone else get one? I know some of you already have, the friends list never lies :) seeing as i am sooo not into online FPS really i have decided to give mine away.. sorry but it's already been grabbed.

if you too ain't fussed here's some in-beta footage to check out


Friday, 18 September 2009

fragmented TechBytes

Sony appeared to have fired the first real mid-generation salvo at the recent IFA consumer technology show, when it demonstrated PS3s running real time 3D on a new range of consumer Bravia televisions, due to launch in 2010.

Existing games such as Motorstorm, Wipeout HD and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue were paraded in three dimensions and everyone was invited to pick up a Dual Shock 3 and give it a try in real time.

The most tantalising bit of info? That Sony thinks it may be able to convert all existing PlayStation 3 games to 3D with a simple firmware update, because much of the image processing is done by the television itself. It sounds almost too good to be true.


Fallout DLC Dates: (via the Mirror!) The first part of the Fallout 3 DLC, Broken Steel, will hit the PSN on 24 September, with Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt landing on 1 October, and Mothership Zeta and Point Lookout on 8 October.

Zero Punctuation: Batman Arkham Asylum

PSPgo Minis:- Looking forward to battling your pals wirelessly on your PSPgo? Well, you’ll have to keep it to full-on titles, as Sony says PSP Minis won’t support wireless multiplayer. And what’s more, there won’t be downloadable content either.

Why Buy The Fallout3 DLC? - Fallout 3 'Game of the Year Edition' is also coming on Friday, October 16th. This is for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. This comes with all the DLC as well and there is a price: £39.99

Following Activision's recent announcement that it is planning to release a limited edition, bespoke Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 250GB Xbox 360 in time for Christmas 2009, a 250GB Sony PS3 Slim and Uncharted 2 bundle has been spotted in the wild.

The battle of the home console hard drives begins here!

Engadget was quick to spot the 250GB PlayStation 3 slim bundle
and PSN: fanpages :)

right.. i'm off the thrash my virtual Mk2 Escort down some riverbed in China.

[mobiletone] those spring onions are starting to repeat on me.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

time for a DiRT2y montage

King Of Super Consoles

For all that it is worth, the announcement that a team of scientists at the University of Warwick managed to run scientific applications on the Xbox 360 could be seen as a non-event.

For the power really resides with the Sony's Playstation 3 gaming console as far as theoretical figures are concerned. The Xbox 360 is powered by a Xenon processor which has three cores - with a combined theoretical peak performance of 115.2 GFLOPS - and is based on IBM's PowerPC; surprisingly, the Xenon is related to the Sony's Playstation 3.

But it was actually the Xenos GPU developed by ATI, that the group led by Dr Simon Scarle developed code for in what they believe was the first attempt to use Xboxes as a cheap way to conduct parallel processing calculations. The Xenos has a maximum peak performance of 240 GFLOPS; this gives a total of 355 GFLOPS.

The Playstation 3 on the other hand uses a Cell microprocessor combined with a RSX Reality Synthetizer based on the NV47 technology from Nvidia. When both are used altogether, their processing power exceeds 300 GFLOPS.

However, Sony claims that its console can reach two TeraFLOPS while Microsoft reckons that the XBox 360 can achieve one TeraFLOP. Clearly therefore, there's a game of smokes and mirrors going on as far as raw power is concerned.

The REAL reason why Sony manages to outweigh the Xbox 360 for now is that the Playstation 3 has been more widely adopted by the scientific community. The most popular distributed data-crunching system around is Folding@home, one where the Xbox is non existent.

The combined 38 thousand active PS3 consoles reached 1.08 PetaFLOPS. In comparison, the combined performance of nearly 225,000 Windows PCs only scored 213 TeraFLOPS.

Scarle and his team are just at phase one of their journey, they haven't yet extended the Xbox 360's capabilities to include networked capabilities.

Monday, 14 September 2009

The Search Has Ended

VidZone gets a whole pile of new features and tweaks. sorted! hit up the full article [here] to check out all the streamed videoy goodness.

DiRT arrived, amuse yourselves for the next few days :)

250GB PS3 Slim PlayTV bundle?

Sony will bundle the anticipated 250GB slim PlayStation 3 with its PlayTV DVR add-on, it has been claimed.

A "leading retailer" has let slip that Sony will unveil the 250GB PS3 Slim at Japan’s upcoming Tokyo Games Show – which takes place between 24 and 27 September - according to a report by gaming website MCV.

The retailer added that Sony will also bundle a Blu-ray oriented remote control and a Blu-ray Disc in with the console.

When rumours of a 250GB PS3 Slim first emerged last week, it was claimed that Sony would throw a copy of footie game Fifa 10 in with the console.

Although the retailer didn’t say when the PlayTV bundle will appear or how much it will cost, it’s widely believed that the offer will appear before Christmas, priced at around €350 (£308/$509).

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Entering The Badlands


those cheeky monkeys over at B3ta.com have gone all videogame crazy with their latest image challenge, you get the usual dross but some of the entries are genuine LOL material.

also:- Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein (in limerick styleee)

made myself sad writing arsey emails to Amazon, fair play to them though they did refund me nearly £6, but that doesn't help the fact i am DiRTless, and the damn posties are on strike on monday *rolls eyes* cheered self up by playing a massive Red Faction session, y'know, that game has really grown on me now, i know deep down in the back of my mind i'm only using it to kill time until the FO3 DLC drops, but hey, at least you don't have to walk everywhere on Mars.

right, got to go buy some sugar now as my last slave apparently died of something...

ps: got some PSX memorycards off ebay cheap and found some spare 1Gb flash drives :)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

kill your television

A recent PS3 firmware update added improved iPlayer functionality to the console, and bought with it an increase in users. Anthony Rose, head of future media and technology at the BBC, said that PlayStation 3 users accounted for 10 per cent of all iPlayer in the week after the firmware update. Mac users accounted for 8.5 per cent of views, while PC users accounted for around 70 per cent.

He described the picture quality of the PS3 iPlayer as "almost as good as broadcast television", and said that the "amazing" user numbers showed a real desire for on-demand television services in the living room.

"We'll have to wait and see whether this holds up in the coming weeks, but this enthusiastic reception makes it clear that users do want iPlayer on their TV," said Rose. "That bodes well for Canvas and other IPTV propositions."

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Dreamcast!!

IGN Video:- History of Dreamcast

Sony Respond to Firmware 3.0 Complaints

Over on the EU blog, Sony finally respond to some of the complaints / concerns that many people have had about Firmware 3.0. Perhaps you've read it already but here's my opinion on it. It's a well-written response (from Mark Bowles, PS3 Brand Manager no less) starting with an apology for not responding to the complaints sooner. I think he makes a good effort to address some of the biggest concerns. The most interesting thing he said is in response to the question of the larger font sizes and whether it will be possible to customise their size in the future - "Based on your feedback, we are looking at the possibility of making the changes optional". Great news. He fails to mention anything about the new look of the Friends list though (sounds like the grey boxes are here to stay but perhaps we can't have everything our way!).

Mark explains the reason why we've not seen the dynamic themes on the EU Store yet despite them being available in USA and Japan already. It's the usual excuse - multiple languages in Europe, localisation, blah, blah. He does promise that they'll be with us this week though, plus I'm intrigued to find out what the "little surprise" for PAL readers will be! Please Mark, let it be a free dynamic theme - and not the Afrika one as we've already leeched that from the Japan store already. Talking of dynamic themes, apparently a devkit is needed to produce these. This means that only licensed developers will be releasing them so don't expect many free ones.

A couple of Mike's answers address issues that people have kind of had to figure out for themselves. For example, "you need to set audio outputs as 48Khz to enjoy music and net surfing [at the same time]"

I never had that many gripes with FW 3.0. If the font sizes are made customisable in a future update then I'll be happy.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gran Turismo 5 to see major announcement at TGS

Polyphony Digital will announce major Gran Turismo 5 news at the Tokyo Games Show.

According to Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi the Tokyo Games Show will not only present a playable Gran Turismo 5, it'll show another major advancement, in the same manner as the game's first trailer at E3 and the d├ębut of damage modelling at GamesCom.

"At E3, we showed a concept video and this time at Games-Com, we have a playable demo with damage, and I think you can expect a similar major advancement at TGS," Yamauchi-san told G4TV.

However, the studio head was cagey about whether there would finally be a release date announcement at the conference later this month:

"I think we actually talked about having some thoughts in the beginning, but with things changing as they happened all through the interviews today and I’ve kind of have learned through experience," he added.

"I try not to talk about the future too much because that ultimately leads to a more obvious answer and it’s better than way in the end."

Sony and PD may be worried that GT5 will overshadow the launch of Gran Turismo on the PSP this October, but if rumours of a late-2009 release date are true, TGS would be the best place to announce it.

/// this weekend i finally decided to stop tooling around and got stuck into the final 10 races in the GT4 international challenges, hell, i figured i'd put it off long enough (probably because i got my arse handed to me a long time ago). first off i have to say GT4 upscaled to 1080p looks damn sexy (and outputting 5.1 audio!) which only goes to show just how advanced it was at the time i guess when we were still all playing in 576i SD world, HD is the best thing ever to happen to gaming, anyways i had managed to get my hands on a Toyota Minolta 88C-V race car and set about tuning and tweaking it, many many laps and tests later on Midfield Raceway i was happy i had it set juuuuuust so, so set about those final 10, all was going well with me and the damn Mazda 787 swoping first and second mostly until i accidentally fitted the wrong tyres for the New York race, disaster, i came in a lowly 6th and swearing like a docker as i crossed the line. the next few races had to be perfect to grab the lost points back and it all came down to the last race in the challenge at the Circuit De La Sarthe, i had to win to put me one point ahead, anything else was fail. i rigged the car for a no stopper, a risky tactic but one i had tried before, all i had to do was not fry the tyres. the race started and after several laps the Mazda had pulled a 20 second lead over me but i kept playing it cool, racing down that bumpy back straight keeping all the corners smooth as i could, the laps fell and he was still ahead, i was praying for him to pull in but not until the penultimate lap did he decide to pit, my tyre indicator a nice shade of orange, but this was my chance, i shot past the pit exit and saw him starting to drive along it, he would have a cold set on, mine where about to fall to bits, i hit the straight and nailed it, he was gaining, i checked the T times, he was definitely closing fast, through the chicanes, back up towards the finish only the 90s to get through and he was looking close enough to overtake, i drifted wide to block him, my back end giving out at every chance, i corrected and floored it crossing over the line. that pause before the result seemed to take an eternity, but i had done it by 0.2 seconds and 1 point (after around 5hrs total racing) ahead in the challenge. lots of air punching and fuck yeahs and lighting up a smoke. i had, after 4 long years finally beaten that damn game. i got a pile of cash and a spiffy Ford GT 40 in GT/Polyphony livery as a prize.

first thing i did after it had sunk in was to go out and buy myself a nice Mars Red Audio Quattro '82 tuned it up and went for a trash around Tokyo, my balls felt bigger than Gene Hunt's :)


PS3 Slim triggers "999%" sales increase.

Cheaper, smaller PS3 goes predictably bananas after UK launch

Chart-Track, the UK body which totally gets off on counting how much things sell, has revealed that Sony saw a stunning 999 per cent leap in sales of PlayStation 3 hardware last week, thanks to the arrival of the new PS3 Slim.

The widely-reported and anticipated PS3 Slim model flew off the shelves, with Chart-Track also pointing out that Sony's machine managed to outsell its console rivals by a ratio of 3:1 last week thanks to the cheaper console - making this precise moment in time a rare point of happiness for the corporation's long-suffering console division.

But will business be back to usual next week, as the price cut impact lessens and Sony's PS3 once again gradually fades from view and public interest? Was this spike merely the result of everyone NOT buying a PS3 for a month, then all buying one at the same time? Will sales all be down from here for the PS3?

Monday, 7 September 2009

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen...

Thank you for all your support over the past 18 months. Now that the BBC iPlayer has been optimised for use on the PS3, PS3iPlayer.com will no-longer be maintained. Users are recommended to switch to the official version.

To make the most of iPlayer on your PS3, please install the latest firmware (version 3.00 or above). Once installed BBC iPlayer can be launched through the BBC iPlayer icon within the TV section of the XMB.

Alternatively, visit:

11th April 2008 - 2nd September 2009

Continue using PS3iPlayer.com...

/// now, ps3iplayer still works, for how much longer though is anyones guess but it is still a more featured interface mirroring the BBCs own webpage and not the console friendly cut down page you get on the FW3.0 iplayer link. depends what floats your boat really, but let us not forget Chris Warren and Ixalon.net who gave us the BBC on our PS3s for the last year and a half before Sony decided to jump on that particular bandwagon. hiphiphurrah!

meet the UnofficialThreeSpeech team *chuckles*

Sunday, 6 September 2009

a nice easy PS3 mod to build

do you miss having to save your stuff on a PS2 memory card? well fret no more as i have come up with this nice simple solution to a problem that never existed. a 256Meg USB powered PS2 memory card based mod for your PS3, or any other place that could be improved by having an old style memory card plugged into it. for this i used a standard PS2 8Meg magic gate card and a kingston 256Meg USB drive (why not build a 2Gig one?) that has been laying around since i got myself a new 4Gig job from work. pretty sure you can use any combination of PS2 card and USB drive just so long as it's small enough to fit inside the old playstation cards casing.


PS2 memory card USB mod

Thursday, 3 September 2009

how sad you've made her Sony

she used to look like Alyson Hannigan before she upgraded to firmware 3.0

anyone fussed about this weeks Store update? i'd like to know what happened to the LBP dynamic theme, hell, the Americans got it and it's our damn game! that is just wrong wrong wrong wrong. I also downloaded a 564Meg patch for Disgaea 3 last night and brought the game up to version 2.0, was it the trophy patch we've been waiting months for? nope. doesn't seem to have done anything in-game either. weird.

and what's with all the games being shunted to 2010? i for one don't go with the MW2 excuse, i think they're just using that as an excuse to polish their titles a bit more (get rid of all the glitches and bugs more like) i for one am not going to be buying Modern Warfare 2, the first one was alright but damn, it is so completely over rated, the story mode was good i'll give it that but the online.. just like every other online FPS i've ever played, totally unbalenced by people with over powerful perks and XP, even KZ2 is the same i'm afraid. people rely on getting the perks and using them rather than rely on mad skills, that's why Unreal Tournament will always be better and more even when it comes to multiplayer.

recent games do not cater for the more casual online gamer who likes to dip in and out, that stops being fun very quickly when you do nothing but get wasted within seconds by some camping bastard and their one hit kill weapon over and over and over again. i would rather set-up and play bot matches, which i do, at least you know they're not a bunch of cheap kill cheating bastards. /rant

anyhoo, what games are you lot getting this month? i'm really looking forwards to picking up my copy of Dirt 2 next friday, i'm temped by SHiFT as that does look a bit tastey (even though i didn't want to like it) but coming a week after DiRT it'll have to wait a while until i get into that driving seat.


[edit] The Trophies should be coming late Fall or Winter. We’re working on them. - Allison Walter – Product and Development Manager for Europe, NIS America

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bundle of Slim

Whilst Japan gets an official PS3 Slim bundle (with the new Gundam game no less!) it's been left to UK retailers to dream up their own bundles to coinside with the Slim launch today.

I've had a quick scout round and here are some of the best so far:

Shopto.net Slim Bundle 1

Includes PS3 Slim (phew!) FUEL, Damnation & Dead Space. £249.99 + free delivery

Shopto.net Slim Bundle 2
Includes PS3 Slim, Battlefield Bad Company and Tone's favourite, Fallout 3. £249.99 + free delivery

Zavvi Slim Bundle

Includes PS3 Slim, Call of Juarez, HDMI cable and Sharon Stone's beef curtains on Blu-Ray. £249.95 inc free delivery.

GAME Slim Bundles
Includes PS3 Slim and one of Fight Night 4, Tiger Woods 2010, CoD4, LittleBigPlanet, Call of Juarez, FIFA09, Batman: AA. £249.99 (not sure about delivery on that one folks, but I don't like GAME very much anyway!)

Decal kits are for n00bs

And despite looking like a decal kit this was a handrolled effort by myself, i spent a good couple of hours measuring up my trusty PS3 PHAT, note it's a bit fatter at the front than a standard job thanks to intercoolers, a temp readout display and the additional usb ports and memory card slot, then i set about cutting out all the parts and veeeeery carefully placing them on the casing, now this lot is never gonna come off thanks to the shiney industrial contact sheets the photo realistic design was printed on.


Firmware 3.0 make people angry

OMG Sony this could not be really 3.0. Please bring back the PS2 team. As a soon to be college graduate in computing i must say 3.0 is awful. I cannot believe you pay people to create such interface nonsense. what a waste of space and a lack of creativity... I still love you guys but seriously i hope there are surprises beneath 3.0 that out weighs the GUI nonsense. - [stennex]

there is a few things that kinda suck:
1. Friends list looks like balls.
2. Please give me an option to turn off the annoying ticker.
3. PS Store logo in each column is annoying
4. Make the notifications replace the ticker instead of covering the whole ticker thing. Like make the ticker say ‘new message from -blank’
5. Delete ‘Whats New’ - [schmeidenkamp]

wow … friends-list is ugly and the massive text is ugly, i’m hoping there will be a firmware update allowing you to revert back to the old look. please Sony wtf is with this forced ugliness, who the heck sanctioned the friends-list changes, its atrocious to look at! - [singjeet29]

there are a few things that are bothersome about this update:

1)Grey Boxes in Friend’s list
2)Starting on What’s New
3)Information Bar is now part of the status, and unremovable
4)Playstation Store icons everywhere. - [skywalker6705]

You have to quit playback of music if you want to enter the XMB now? wtf, that is crap. I mostly use the ps3 for music and chatting, now its one or the other, what a waste! - [MegadethAndy]

3.0 ruins XMB, it’s a complete mess. - [KnightNZ]

/// So there we have it, the public has spoken out on Sony's new Firmware 3.0, is it really that bloody awful or is it a case of you just can't please everyone all the time? personally i think some of the design choices are rather questionable and am not overly impressed with the damn thing. We laughed at XBL getting adverts but in someways what Sony are pushing on us in our XBM menus is rather more intrusive.