Sunday, 31 May 2009


Well all the rumours were spot on and someone at Sony's gonna get skinned alive for the leak but we all knew it was coming. A 16gb, umd driveless, sliding screen, entirely digital device... Looks sexy as with most of Sonys devices...


It's clear to me that Sony have taken huge notice of the App store on the iPhone and are pushing for a slice of that market. The announcement has clearly reinvigorated interest amongst developers (Metal gear, Gran turismo, LBP, Motorstorm, Rock Band, new GOW) which is good for everyone. It's a safe bet to see much more PSone classics hitting at a more regular basis (Resi evils/metal gera solid confirmed)...bout f**kin' time! Rumours of a subscription based service (£10 a month, rent/download X number of games) are very interesting too.
Only concerns are the price (surely being UMD-less and entirely digital based the games will be far cheaper and hopefully the console itself won't cost an arm and a leg too...) and the storage size (16gb, about what 9-10 normal PSP games... why not have 16gb and 32gb least it supports micro memory sticks)

It's classic Sony however and I don't think anyone will be surprised if the PSPgo works it way onto everyone Xmas letters to santa. Think i'll be picking one up day one (Trading in my old PSP slim n light of course)

Saturday, 30 May 2009

SBK 09: he's gone radio rental mate

/// SO, on finding out there was nothing i wanted to get this week, i even hunted the ex-rental/trade-in shelves for something i don't all ready have or just doesn't interest me, i decided to rent a game out for the week. That game was SBK 09, now if MotoGP is the F1 of bike racing formulas, SBK is the touring car series and not quite so mental! That's not to say trying to wrestle a 200bhp lump of metal around a corner on a knife edge is by any means easy. A couple of us sat down and chose to play in arcade mode (because we are scaredy girls!) because the 'real' mode seems to involve over 2hrs of practicing, tuning and qualifying sessions before you get to an actual race, i'll have to check that later. The rules were simple, Donnington track, we couldn't pick the same bike twice and winner takes all (loser has to get the drinks in). After the first couple of see how far we can wheelie down the straight, spectacular endo crashes and swearing as we overshot corners laps we got into the groove and race by race our laptimes dropped and we kept winning. Gimp blamed my obsession with the wonderful Tourist Trophy bike game, by which i judge every other bike game ever. Seriously it's the tits!! Gran Turismo with truckloads of great and classic rides, and i blamed his love of shiney plastic covered things. Towards the end of the evening laps times were being decided on mere 10ths of seconds. a great blast. Nice to have 26 bikes on track at once but this does make getting stuck behind a pack of them a bit of a worry, the circuits are well modeled if a bit empty feeling, the bikes and riders now have 'damage' and if you sustain too much during a race, or one big fuck up, you're gonna be out of it. A game for hardened bike nuts. probably write more once i get into the meat and veg reality modes later in the week.


Friday, 29 May 2009

"Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

So, the big day has finally arrived hey, inFAMOUS hits the streets in the UK. I noticed a couple of people on my friends list last night playing it and had a slight tinge of the green eyed monster then i promptly went back to playing Zen Pinball, which is great! I was going to pick up a copy today, but it seems it has been bought for me as a b-day pressie and i'm not allowed to play it until then, no matter how much i beg or what sexual favors i promise to impart. Pants!
So what else is there on the shelves today? not much it seems, FUEL has been shunted to next Friday, Bionic Commando is not my thing really, Damnation is getting questionable reviews and it'll be a cold day in hell before i buy a Hannah Montana game. The 80Gb PS3/inFAMOUS bundle is in stock at £279.99 too, so maybe that will shift a few extra consoles.

maybe i can get up to some infamy on my trials bike :) hey Cole was a bike dispatch rider wasn't he? there's hope for me yet. *looks up into the sky for EMP missle*

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Consider it Purchased

Rogue Trooper(R) Costume (Game Pack) £1.59

well i had a spare couple of quid left in the Store account..
/// And well done to PABLOAMIGO for being the FIRST to post on the new evil headquarters of SCEE that is the official blog, i fart in their general direction. New blog does look better than the stinky american one though. Consider that posting a warning shot across the bows from UTS, if they don't play nice we'll have to release Teh Sketch on them ;)

downloading the Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars demo, can't see it being much cop personally.

/// EDIT : Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars is very average, not even up to par with some homebrewed UTIII mods, i mean, if you have UTIII why would you bother with this game??? especially after the new packs etc. we have got for UT.

Our official counterpart is born.. is the home of the Official Playstation Blog. I'm going to call it BLEU.


It looks pretty good, hopefully we don't need to lean on the US Blog anymore as the content should be as complete for us - otherwise what is the point? PS3 Attitude and TheSixthAxis will remain at the top of my reading lists for a while yet.

Comments swelled to over 200 hellos quickly, so people do know it is there. We'll keep a close eye on censorship over at BLEU and fulfill our duty to say what the hell we like right here.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

KillZone 2 patch

Guerrilla will tomorrow release a patch for Killzone 2 that will, among other things, fix the game's much-discussed controls

Control-wise, what exactly does the new 'High Precision' option do?
When this option is switched on, it makes the analog sticks more responsive to small movements. Turned off, the controls behave exactly as they did before the patch. It's not a radical overhaul of the control system, so the layout and the 'weight' of the controls remain the same.

Still, a lot of us here at Guerrilla really enjoy the new High Precision option, so we've decided to switch it on by default for new players. Existing Killzone 2 players will have the option turned off by default after patching - we wouldn't want to force a sudden change to the controls on you!

- Eric Boltjes, Guerrilla's lead multiplayer designer (MOAR!)

Gaming Research Anyone?

for those that might be interested in helping the old team out -

Hi all,

Just thought we’d drop you a quick note to say that we’re doing some in-house research on gaming here at Crowd DNA, and were wondering if any of you might be interested in taking part. Drop me an email if you are.

Have been lurking on the new ThreeSpeech as well, good work!

James McLintock | Account Manager/Business Development Manager

Telephone: +44 (0)207 749 5392 | Website:
Crowd DNA, Fourth Floor, Biscuit Building, Redchurch Street, London E2 7DD

Reality vs Playstation

So, tonight is a big deal if you're a football fan, which i'm not, but i figured it would be a damn good way to test just how real the Playstation can be. Tonight is the UEFA Championship League Final between the mighty Manchesta and Barca in some stadium i have never heard of, but that's not the point. I loaded up my copy of FIFA and set about sorting out the simulation of tonights final, this involved having to read the sports section of the paper and the possible team line ups for tonight. Once that was all done it was just a question of hitting the 'X' button and letting the PS3 get on with it, the result of the virtual final was... Barca 4 - Manchesta 0, so i wouldn't go putting your money on the mancs to win tonight. right, i guess i'll edit this post later with the scores from the real match to compare how it went.

Barca scored in the 37 54 73 81 minutes

EDIT 10PM Well, it seems the PS3 prediction was mostly correct and Barca won the match 2-0 tonight.


my new upgraded cable stats. slow ping :\ great u/l + d/l though.

Admin Gets Own DLC

In contrast to Grand Theft Auto IV's seedy biker gang expansion The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony is said to focus on the glitzy "high-end night life" of Liberty City. The second Xbox 360 (timed!) exclusive episode will put players in the role of Luis Lopez, confirming previous rumors, as his part-time hoodlum duties are supplemented by full-time work for nightclub impresario Tony "Gay Tony" Prince.

/// isn't that just fabulous! OK, i figured i'd preempt the 'gay' by posting it myself, hell, it was ok being Fat Tony to my friends.. but Gay Tony? i hope they all suddenly stop reading the interwebs and not notice this news..

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Greetings Fellow Gadders

Dont FALLOUT of the vault

/// If you just happen to find yourself on the Planet of Dreams anytime soon feel free to look up my latest LBP doodling. It's an epilogue to what happened on Helghan after the whole 'splody deal mixed in with a large slice of radioactive wasteland pie from the bestest game on the PS3 EVER! Now, i have to admit to not making any preliminary sketches before hand and just created the whole thing on the fly, but i think it works pretty well, those that have played previous levels of mine know i luuuurve to make little tiny detailed models of things, and this level is no exception. IF you survive to the end you will be rewarded with a super EDEN computer complete with an awesome Hypnotron (tm)(c) display.

Combat gear is optional. The level is also copyable, grab it today.


And while i'm here:-

Size: M speed increase - 2Mb to 10Mb

Thanks for requesting your upgrade. You'll be able to enjoy your new superfast up to 10Mb service in the next few days.

We'll also drop you an email to let you know when your service has been upgraded.

/// Well, i figured seeing as they were already charging me for the upgrade (checked your V bill lately?) i'd go to their website and request it. Anyone else upgrading? Apparently after i'd finished ranting on the phone to the Indian call center woman she told me that they were phasing out the 2Meg cable and everyone would have to have 10Meg, and that if i didn't want to upgrade i would eventually LOSE my cable, how fucked is that!? TBH 2Meg d/l is fine for me, as a gamer i think i'd appreciate a faster upstream.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fanvid Sunday Returns

video blatantly stolen from [muruis]

FUEL : delayed

BASTARDS! According to VG247, the console versions of Codemaster's upcoming post-apocalyptic racing game Fuel has been delayed one week, with its release moved from May 29 to June 5... why? WHY!? i'm looking at you inFAMOUS!! what am i going to do with my week off now?

But on a Happier note:- The award for largest playable area in a console game was awarded to Fuel developer Asobo Studios. Guinness World Records presented the developer with a certificate to commemorate the achievement, which will be included in the next printing of the Guinness World Records Gamers Edition.

"Largest playable area in a console game: The largest playable environment in a console game is 5,560 square miles (14,400 km²), and is featured in FUEL (Codemasters, 2009). The area features rivers, deserts, forests and mountains and was demonstrated at the offices of Guinness World Records, London, UK, on 20 May 2009."


Saturday, 23 May 2009

Where is my PS3!!!!!!!!

Greeting all
A quick PS3 update, the boat containing our stuff from the UK has docked in Mumbai! This means about 3 weeks for the custom clearance and then we are back online!!

Its been 5 weeks now since we've had a PS3 hit and we are climbing the walls!
Hope to see you all online soon
Mr Vertigo (Jason)

Friday, 22 May 2009

It was preordained surely?

OMG I just realised the "added crookedconsoleness" seed was in the URL from the start: there did you see it? Right at the end.. CC!



Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hey man, things are going down yeah

Listen, I know you're busy trying to get a handle on those freak-show powers and all that hoo-ha, but your ole buddy Zeke's been busy cookin' up ways to make things a little easier on you. Not sayin' you need to pull on some tights or anythin' like that (although I still have the designs), but the Reapers are like giant multiplying roaches. With guns. They're everywhere, man.

So, being the resident expert on these things, I thought I'd lend a hand to make sure your shaven lil' head stays attached to your shoulders. And I'll be right by your side... as soon as I find a replacement for the gun you accidently blew up with your electric ju-ju.

Store Update Infodump:-

inFAMOUS demo
Marvel vs Capcom demo
Red Faction Multiplayer demo
Tiger Woods PGA 10 demo

Killzone 2 Bullet 4D interactive advert

some premium packs you gotta pay for -
Chronicles of Riddick, HAWX, FEAR2

also some Monster LBP costumes @ 79p

plus a few other bits and pieces. the inFamous demo is 1.2Gb and is being sucked onto my PS3s harddrive as i type.. *waits waits waits gnaws edge of desk*

*fires up photoshop and makes new splash banner* do you like it??


Worms on PSN - teeny bit better please

ello peeps, Grand Moff mobiletone has kindly invited me to join in here, so here's me starter for 10:

Between KZ2 and the like, I'm really enjoying Worms on PSN, I've bought maybe 6-7 versions of this over the years and this one sticks to the formula with a good hi-res look. It's ideal for a quick online blast - don't need anyone else round drinking my coffee just so I can Holy Handgrenade em...

BUT the online lobby SUCKS! Why doesn't it list the game types, why does join game jump to host game, why does it keep resetting the options you select? The Team 17 forum does talk about bug fixes for low bandwidth users - but come on, lets have a nice simple list of games please, then an option to host one.

ALSO the scrollings broken, really bad. Come on guys, justify the millionth time I've bought the thing please.

Right rant over, that feels better.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

FUEL - PS3 gameplay footage!

all i can say is THANK FUCKERY it's nothing like that mobile abortion of a free roaming buggies and trucks offroad PS2, sorry PS3! game Baja: Edge of Control, i bought that because in my foolishness i thought that just maybe the previews of it were maybe a little harsh.. ok, IF it was released on the PS2 i could have forgiven it, who buys those games and keep them? i bet it's the same spotty little shits that keep those horrible horrible ATV vs gaming sensibility games titles turning up every year. since the wonderful PURE and now FUEL they are seriously going to have to rethink what they do, or not and we'll still keep on getting the ATV series hiding on the shops shelving fooling gullible children and clueless parents into buying them because it looked like a good game on the box! someone give THQ a slap with a wet fish for me will you.. please..

thanks [racermako] for posting this footage up for us.

and Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw for this weeks midweek review Zero Punctuation: Velvet Assassin

Ride to Hell: Interview

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

buy the new slim PS3 here

also, fancy a copy of Damnation? it's hitting the shelves this friday and if you pre-order damn soon you can get an extra 10% off and a free t-shirt from the guys over at Codemasters. mind you, you can get the game from with 25% off and no 'free' t-shirt. the choice is yours.

ever been a l33t g4m3r?

See that, that's me at No.1 spot there in the online GT:Prologue leaderboards, ok, it was a while back now, i got it for my drifting skills and i'm totally bored with that game now, it's taken way to long to get here and as far as i'm concerned better driving games have come and gone since i first got it. What's been the game you have pwnd? what is your best online score/position yet? Also what game are you sick to the teeth of waiting for?

and don't you just LOVE countdown sites? a new driving game for PS3

a summer in the Wastelands?

The wait is finally over for Playstation 3 owners, this morning Bethesda announced that downloadable content will be coming to the PS3 version of Fallout 3.

Operation: Anchorage will hit the PS3 in late June, followed by the release of The Pitt and Broken Steel four to six weeks apart. In addition, a new patch will be released for the PS3 that will let gamers download and play the new DLC.

/// The thing that has been gnawing at my thoughts for the past few months is this, the Lv20 cap that they so stupidly built into the game. I know in the 360 and PC versions getting the DLC meant that was unlocked and a new Lv30 cap put in place but what of the days, weeks, months of play i have put into the game since then? I guess seeing as i have managed to get along just fine at that level i shouldn't be bothered, but i'm kinda running out of map (and things to kill) if you know what i mean. Looking at my stats over the weekend i am only 2 missions off completing all the sidequests and the main quest i did ages back. So this DLC is dropping at just the right time for me, the other trophies i have to hit are the good/neutral lv14 + good/neutral lv20 which my trusty girly and her sidekick are heading for completing. I, after a rage fueled revenge session went from good to evil incarnate/scourge of humanity by the time i hit the level cap. Evil Inc. :) god i love fallout.

Monday, 18 May 2009

more new PS3 shots

Yes! Here we have the worlds first shot of an assembled new PS3 slim and lite (despite the laywers demanding the earlier pic's be removed from other websites). The first thing we noticed after our insider, who uses the local takeaway as a cover, dropped the box containing the new spec' console round is just how much smaller and lighter it is than the previous versions, must be down to the 10nm chipsets and NASA developed ceramic coolant paste on the main processor. It definitely looks Sony designed and the 'PS' logo has been moved to what was the memory card cover on the old 60Gb model. Another feature that has been removed, obviously to keep costs down, was the actual Blu-Ray drive itself, whether this points to being a stand alone download only model or maybe the option to purchase an external BR drive later remains to be seen, but with Sony pushing for a digital download future of it's movie and music services it's only natural that games should be a part of it too. Also worth noting is that Sony has trademarked 'PS3Cloud' could this new console be part of that plan? A micro terminal with all the processing being done back at SCEE's evil fortress of dhoom? We all know that is the future of video games. The new slim and lite PS3 can still run external hard drives and as you can see in the photo can pair happily with other blue-tooth enabled devices. Sony has yet to officially deny the photos are actually the new PS3 but with E3 only a couple of short weeks away we won't have long to wait and see what they have to announce.

What do you think of the photo, is this for real? What's the news any of the big 3 are going to drop that makes us rethink our entire gaming life at E3? Do any of us really care?

Also learned this weekend - if you sneak up to a Brahmin and press 'x' it falls over. Clover will wear an Outcast power armor suit but not naughty nightwear.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gaming FanVid Sunday

I'm thinking of making this a new feature for the weekend, what do you think? Anyhoo, this week we have the wonderfully pretty and very smart Linux babe NixelPixel, who? you ask. Well to directly quote her - "Yes I have breasts and play video games.. but that's not all I'm about! Okay, well maybe it is.. ah hell" I think i want her babies -haha- But here she has put together a great flick detailing her last moments in the year 2077, in the Washington DC area... so sit back, dip a cookie in your tepid mug of coffee and enjoy not being an irradiated ghoul for the next few minutes.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Just the facts Ma'am

Sony's corporate executive officer Nobuyuki Oneda has had the following to say about the PlayStation 3 and the company's pricing strategy.

"This is a very serious issue," he said. "If we announce our pricing strategies, that affects our inventory level."

He followed this with, "Well, I think you have to guess what will be our pricing strategy."

Those two statements have lead CNBC, at least, to make the statement that Oneda has in fact 'pre-announced' a price-cut. This conclusion was reached based on these quotes plus the fact that Sony has raised its sales forecast for the console by 30% to 13 million units for the fiscal year to March 31st 2010.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Rag Doll Kung Fu = FREE

For the first time on PlayStation Network, we have partnered with Sprint to bring you the PSN exclusive game, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, for FREE in the U.S. store. That’s right. The game is free to download this week. Check out the Sprint channel on PlayStation Store to access the game, free Sprint videos, wallpapers and an exclusive NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Monsters XMB Theme.

[Grace Chen]

remember to SPRINT on over to the SPRINT section of the USA Store and get your SPRINT sponsored free Rag Doll game today* SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT!

*terms and conditions apply, game not available in Siberia or Uzbekistan.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

it's thursday so..

PS3 Store update for 14th May 2009

Bejeweled® 2
Texas Cheat’em
Zen Pinball
Buzz!™ Junior: RoboJam

Zen Pinball

Street Fighter 4 - Complete Alternate Costume Pack
Sonic Unleashed - Holoska Adventure Pack
MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Lunar Tec Signature Livery Pack

Sore Spots Pack
Daxter Pack

Guitar Hero World Tour
So What’ By Pink
Stop And Stare’ By One Republic
Pop Rock Track Pack
Everything’s Magic’ By Angels & Airwaves

Rock Band
Bad Luck
Black Friday
My Old School
Radio Radio
Ring Of Fire
Story Of My Life
Social Distortion Pack 01

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2
Additional Mission 1
Additional Mission 2
Additional Mission 3

Resistance Retribution
Resistance Retribution Behind the Scenes Episodes 1
Resistance Retribution Behind the Scenes Episodes 2
Resistance Retribution Behind the Scenes Episodes 3

Killzone 2
Killzone 2 Making of Trailers
Killzone 2 Making of Trailers Conclusion

MotorStorm® Pacific Rift – Signature Livery Trailer
Pain - Sore Spots Trailer

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Signature Livery Theme
Bejeweled® 2 Theme #2

Source - MusterBuster
Ganked from -

i'm really looking forwards to Zen Pinball, hurry up FW update!!

Slim PS3 on the way already?!?!

Yes, you're probably heard the rumours as well. And in response to them, Sony have denied that they're planning to launch a new slimline PS3. However, take a look at the pic below! What do you think guys? Just a mock-up to accompany the rumours? Roll on E3 that's all I can say about this. Well that and, "Please Sony, let it be true!"


adverts in games?

Our lord and master Foamy has a few words to say on the subject fear his squirrely wrath!!

and hat wearing Zero Punctuation the game reviewing bastard does

oh yes. leave the money in the usual place guys ;)

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

FUEL: reviewed!

First things first, FUEL is big, i mean very big, you thought it was a long way down to the shops to get a can of beer and some fags but this is mind achingly big, so big in fact that it will give you the ph33r first time you set your worthless mortal eyes on it. The red zoned area to the right is an accurate scale of map size (i have l33t photoshop skills no?), that's Norfolk, Suffolk AND Cambridgeshire with some overhang left. The small white square is the size of the Midnight Club: Los Angles map + South Central. now do you get the kind of size we're talking about? good.

The numbers, 100,000kms of roads/tracks, 14,000 square kilometers of map, 70 different vehicles + numerous paint and decal packs. There is NO vehicle tuning or otherwise general buggering about with gear ratios, spoiler angles, tyre types or anything else that will keep you awake at night, you buy your vehicle, you choose your race and go. It's that simple, unless you're in free ride mode that is and the world, quite literally, if not your oyster, a great vast spoilt national park to blatt around in.

As you win races and challenges you earn stars, which in turn unlock new sections of the map, the trouble here is that early on you will have to grind the races, racing the same old pile of rust and steel around the same tracks to build up your supply of stars and fuel ad nausium until you have enough to buy a new vehicle, which you will need to progress as most races are vehicle specific to enter. Sucks i know, so your first few hours will seem like an endless deja-vu. It's only until later on when you have unlocked a vast portion of the map and have a selection of vehicles in your garage that things really do start to get interesting, this is no Pacific Rift, you're in this for the long haul.

Online you have access to 16 other players in your particular zone, if you choose to race away from them because you're ashamed at being thrashed by a gang of kids, then the servers will filter you discreetly into a new gang of 16 players for you to race against seamlessly. Feel free to head on over to the nearest hub (one of many many dotted around the map) for a chat and to sign up for the next race, or you could just go all MadMax and spend your hours roaming the map picking up events if and when you please. All the races and challenges from the single player mode are open as well as a race editor a-la Midnight Club, so that 70 mile burn across the map is just an invite away.

/// mobiletone

questions questions

With E3 a matter of mere weeks away, I'm curious to hear your predictions of the major news to emerge from the show. In the "console war" space, what - if anything - might we see from Sony and Microsoft to combat the runaway success of the Wii? And, more generally speaking, what new game announcements from first and third-party publishers are you anticipating?

Recently, we've heard whispers that Sony may unveil a redesigned PlayStation Portable, potentially abandoning the UMD format in favour of digital delivery. And, as rumoured prior to last year's show, we're once again hearing that Microsoft may roll out some kind of motion control technology. Meanwhile, Nintendo have yet to announce a single first-party game for the latter half of 2009.

What do you think the "big three" should be revealing at E3? And what do you think they will end up announcing?

Saturday, 9 May 2009

T-20 days to go

With a 40-kilometer (24.8 miles) draw distance, a large assortment of vehicles and varied environments, FUEL should quickly become one of 2009's best racing games. With Codemasters at the helm (and considering how much we love Dirt and GRID), this one's in good hands.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Red Dead Redemption Trailer

/// It's by R*, it has cowboys and gunfights and is set when the wild frontier was slowly loosing to the onrush of a technological steampunk future... or not. in my mind it did anyway, it's not Damnation, it's a proper real manly men type cowboy action game, hats, chewing baccy, slapping you wife and riding your horse, or the other way around, depends how you roll i guess #smirk. yee-HA!

3D gaming on the cheap

Guinea Pig sporting action title G-Force will ship with 3D support, the developers announced tonight.

G-Force, a game based on the upcoming 3D movie, did have the 3D display on show this evening. Both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will support 3D graphics, which can be switched on and off on the fly.

The 3D graphics used in the game requires gamers to sport a pair of cardboard blue and red lensed glasses (RED/CYAN ANAGLYPHIC) and uses a type 3D known as off-axis, the developers said. The effects seen in motion were surprisingly good, The guinea pig lead stood out on the screen, enemy shots seemed to blow out of the television and the world felt more realistic, though with slightly muddled colors because of the graphics.

Though not the first game, by a long shot, to sport 3D graphics the game certainly seems to put a shine on the red/blue technology

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Video Killed The...

#PS3 users are set to get a whole host of new music and video content through their console this summer, and even better - it's not going to cost them a penny.

Bringing free music videos to your sitting room, the #VidZone application will be available from PlayStation Store via PS3 in a few months and will be "the most valued player in your living room" according to #Isabelle Tomatis of SCEE.

The press release claims the application will bring "thousands of music videos and live concert videos, as well as behind the scenes, interview[s] and making of footage." VidZone CTO Michael Russo comments, saying it will contain "one of the world’s largest collection of music videos."

/// You will have to put up with some ads for the #free service, but if you can hack that, you'll have access to a catalogue of more than 25,000 downloads to browse through at your leisure.

You'll be able to get to the VidZone app through the console's #XMB, and then choose your vid, save it into a library or create a custom playlist to suit your mood. Any gamers with a PSP as well will be able to kick off and manage their PS3 downloads and playlists using their handheld.

Zero Punctuation reviews The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

no FFXIII demo for you

Just because the Final Fantasy XIII Blu-ray demo powered Japanese PS3 sales, don't expect the same for the West. Heck, don't expect a Blu-ray demo for the time being.

When Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase was asked by website whether there will be a Blu-ray FFXIII demo, the producer replied, "The type of demo version we released in Japan, we currently have no plan of doing that abroad, partly because we are going to carry on with the project alongside the Xbox version, so we really can't just make it available only for the PS3."

But does no Blu-ray demo mean no demo at all? "But we hear that the demo version normally means something that you can download in the West," Kitase continued, "so that is a possibility we would like to check." That's nice of them to check and all, but we're pretty sure demos are things you can download in Japan, too

/// Why not, for example, get an uber exclusive deal with OPM and get the demo cover mounted? just think what that would do for sales of the magazine. #thinks# I know.. then we'd have to get it localised, translated etc etc etc and knowing how amazingly efficient SCEE et al is at that sort of thing we'd probably end up with the demo a month after the full game had been out.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Greetings all lovers of Sackboy!

Hi to Everyone!

A big thanks to you - all our subscribers, its been amazing to see so many LittleBigPlanet fans on the page. Due to the popularity and amazing response the giveaway has now closed - the first 5000 that subscribed are now being sent out their woolly Sackboys over the next few weeks, the following 3000 that subscribed will be sent a Sackboy T Shirt. But don't worry if you missed out this time, keep checking the page as we will be offering many other giveaways this year :)

Finally - check out the new Norse Mythology Mini Pack avaliable on the Playstation store on the 7th of May. This pack contains Thor and Valkyrie costumes, and Norse themed stickers:
• Thor costume: Thor's helmet, beard, belt and wristguards, legs, Thor's Hammer
• Valkyrie costume: Valkyrie helmet and braids, Valkyrie jerkin and cape, Valkyrie boots
• 10 Norse theme stickers

Have a great day! Sackboy :)

trophy whoring

What’s up folks! This is Mitch Powers, senior global brand manager from Disney Interactive Studios. Just wanted to drop a quick note and let everyone know that trophies will be available for PURE on PLAYSTATION 3 this Wednesday, May 6. Whether you’re a hardcore PURE player or you’re just getting started, there are trophies you will be able to earn when you throw down on PURE as you nail the sick tricks and huge aerial jumps in Black Rock’s action sports game. The update includes more than 30 trophies at the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. There’s also a Platinum Trophy that can be earned only by gathering up all of the other trophies in the game. We are super excited to finally bring this offering to all of you huge PURE fans! So go get the update this Wednesday, and we look forward to seeing you pull off tricks on all the different tracks!

/// well, it's pretty sweet that PURE is finally getting the shiny shiny things but i have to admit to totally 100%ing this game months back, and i do mean 100% i got all the quads, all the parts, gold on every track/event and can bust a 'phat' move with the best of them online. The reason this game got overlooked by the great unwashed masses was because it basically went head-to-head with MS:Pacific Rift, and not looking at the sales figure, i guess it lost. shame really as it does look and play like a class title, IMHO it is the better game of the two. MS:PR was ok but it just felt like a map pack expansion (am i wrong?), not much there really new, ok, it had split screen! pure had the ability to build your own ride from the frame up and paint it in garish colours. don't be put off by the previous dire ATV/MX/BAJA titles that have crawled onto our console like festering wounds from the states, pure is in a class of it's own and should be hanging around the cheap bins of your local games emporium right now.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Close Range EXCLUSIVE!

the FUEL release date has slipped from the 15th to 29th May (according to the Codies website), but Red Faction looks still set for June 5th. don't know about you but i like a bit more than a week between game purchases. damn. Other stuff that's coming out in the next month is.. *clicks open secret folder* Hannah Montana: The Movie Game.. (yeah, ok, we're all tired of living a double life). X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition (flame on! -heh-). SingStar Pop Edition - Game Only (the horror). Blaze Digital Arcade Stick (which looks quite a good deal for £25 if a bit plasticy). Damnation (22nd). UFC 2009: Undisputed (22nd). Fritz Chess (WWII come to the chess board??) inFamous (29th - who's NOT going to buy that title!) Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (you will die very quickly). Guitar Hero: Metallica (if it's anything like the last album..) SBK: Superbike World Championship 09 (now with added scenery apparently) Terminator: Salvation (29th) HEI$T, Virtua Tennis 2009, Supercar Challenge all due at the end of the month.

i guess there's something for everyone there. what are you getting?

Friday, 1 May 2009


Free Sackboy for every man, woman and child of the UK

Well, ok there probably aren’t that many to give away, and this isn’t a Government mandate or anything, but Sony Europe are giving away free woolen Sackboy toys to Happy Gadders in the UK and Ireland - yay!

Subscribing to our page before 1st July 2009 entitles you to a free woolen Sackboy. Simply send your name and address to either the inbox or and we’ll pop your Sackboy in the post. This giveaway is open to all our UK and Irish friends.

So, to get your toy, simply do the following:

* Go to the official UK LittleBigPlanet YouTube page
* Subscribe to the channel
* After subscribing you will then need to send a message with your home address, via either…
o Youtube messaging system or
o an email to:

We’ve got our requests in, hope you have too ;) Oh, please don’t email us, email Sony!

and with the May Day holiday dropping this weekend, what are you playing?

oh and i'd like to give all the posters and commentators a big pat on the back
*pats vigorously*
we made it through our first unoffical month without being sued, pulled down or otherwise sent nasty legal speak emails from annoyed software companies. go us! :)