Friday, 1 July 2011

Anyone using Steam?

As you know probably, Portal 2 comes with a free licence for the PC version on Steam. I've always kept PCs for work and consoles for play, but with a less techy role these days I'm more inclined to play on my pretty Sony Vaio, which has a fair stab at running Portal 2 if you switch off the fancy rendering.

Steam is really nice, lots of bargains on there at the moment as well. Team Fortress 2 is free now too, result, downloading now. If you lot want to add me on Steam, it's psn_mrjimmy.


  1. I have a really crappy old PC (laptop) that wouldn't be many/able to run many of the games. I always see cheap deals on steam posted on hotukdeals. Looks like PC gaming is cheaper than console gaming.

  2. last game i played on my laptop was Angry Birds, i doubt it'll run much else :)

  3. ps: pre-ordered Rage: Anarchy Edition, and Saints Row: The Third at the weekend.

    The other half has taken to playing GT5 with my Logitech wheel and has even built herself a tuned Honda CR-X. i am proud!