Thursday, 29 July 2010

R4 And Other Flashcards Outlawed

Good news for video game developers and publishers, bad news for would-be pirates in the United Kingdom. The government of the UK has banned the import and sale of R4 cards and other flashcart cards that allow play of pirated games on a Nintendo DS. The decision was made by a high court judge, who ruled that the flashcarts were illegal.

But are the 'pirate' device sellers listening? From chatting to our German contact on such matters it seems the law only applies to the 'slot 1' type devices (R4, M3 etc etc), leaving 'slot 2's not covered by the ruling yesterday. That above is my flash ROM bought today, and able to run in a NDS despite being a 'slot 2 ' unit. i got it to run 'back-up' roms in my GBA.

Quote taken direct from flash suppliers website:

Update (28.06.2010)

There we increases inquiries in addition received: with the Slot-1 maps available in the shop

This ruling is kinda bullshit, why not ban CD-Rs and the like as they can also be used for pirating?


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Interesting Addition To The Family

Just home with this puppy and a copy of Pokemon Gold tucked in my backpack, it's the 2000 AGB-001 model, i like the fact you can see the batteries inside it. Impulse purchase as i was in Cashies picking up a new freeview box for the bedroom, they'd only just put it in the display case today, and at £6 for the handheld and the Pokemon cart i just couldn't say no... nearly, very nearly got the xbox360 limited forza console pack, but had enough will power and reminded myself GT5 is only 3mths away.

[mobiletone] i blame my mates and their damn pokemon collecting when they come over!

ps: have ordered a screen light+mag off ebay for it.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

You Can Keep Your Backwards Compatibility

For £26.50 i picked up a PS2 Phat, multitap stand and 2 memory cards. Gave it a strip down and clean inside and out when i got it home (dust bunnies inside!) and it runs just as good as it should. The Multitap didn't seem to work but it makes a great base with some brutal styling, also, yes, that is a harddrive i have on the side there, it's the old original one from my 60Gb in a case i had knocking around, not found much use for it bar saving stuff from Gran Turismo 4 and Tourist Trophy photomode, yay, loads of new wallpapers for my PS3 :) any other games for the PS2 that use a usb drive you know of??

The other thing, as i first noticed running my PSX, is that the games look better than being run on the PS3 using BC (it's plugged into a 1080p 32" Samsung using SCART rather than over HDMI), there is a noticable lack of the evil jaggies and the whole experience feels better, the PS3 dualshocks are noticably more sensitive on the thumb sticks which translates into twitchier handling in driving games, grr, so using the 'duller' PS2 pad is more comfortable.

Plus it uses only 79Watts of power compared to 200Watts for a full phat PS3, so it's more eco-friendly. Just ordered it a new Component lead and TOS-link audio.


Friday, 23 July 2010

Photo Or It Didn't Happen

 Today i made 3rd in the rankings in GT:HD Time Trial using.. my Hori Arcade Stick, how's that for old school style pwnage! :D i wasn't even trying to get a good time either, i just wanted to see if i could drive using the stick. i think i'm going to like this stick, it feels all kinds of awsome to use. Going to give it a go playing Fret Nice later this weekend too.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Feel The Love

Day 400 of Racing in Circles

The stat's are: over 35 million in credits won, nearly 500 1st podium places, 170 cars in the garage and an online AI rating to weep for... yepp, the sad, or awesome, truth depending on your view of racing games is that since i picked up my copy of GT:PSP last September or whenever it was i have not placed another UMD in my drive. I mean, why would i want to? i lurrrrrrve the GT series, except GT2 which i didn't bother with for some reason... As i hit day 400 a version of my favorite thrashing car came up for sale, yet another Nissan Skyline, this time the Pace Car varient that i never did get my hands on in GT4, so a slapped me cash down and hugged it very tightly. when racing the lights even flash :)

November can't come soon enough.

[mobiletone] because nobody else ever updates this thing anymore.