Friday, 29 July 2011

Shooter with strategic elements - pretty damn confident we've cracked it

Yeah, I'm blabbing on about Starhawk again. I don't get on with strategy games on the whole, but I do like more depth in my shooters, the Starhawk panel once again reiterated the unique approach Lightbox have taken, i.e. lots of TLC and detail in getting the game mechanics right over and above the elements the industry runs away with too often i.e. marketing, styling, story etc. Because these can always go on top of a game engine anyway.

If only all games were made this way. I'm all about 2012 and Starhawk.


  1. It does look quite sublime, I really enjoyed the 'Introducing the Universe' trailer last week. Looking a lot brighter & more colourful than Warhawk too.

    I am a bit concerned about the depth of gameplay in the SP to be honest, I really hope it's more than a series of thinlly-veiled bot matches, kinda like Unreal Tournament III.

    Definite pre-order material though.

  2. Spot on Divine, but it wouldn't be the first thin campaign mode to have an epic multiplayer!

  3. I might even stick to the multiplayer only and skip the campaign altogether!

  4. I'm not ready to write off the campaign mode, they've done some work on integrating the game engine with other footage, they do take it seriously. Damn I hope I end up in the beta for this.