Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Best Halo Ever

Warhawk GOTY Edition

Last game I bought on disc was Red Dead, and much like GTA all versions, fantastic fun until completed when it became weirdly boring and empty. All about the missions.

I was a latecomer to MW2, I maxed the Campaign mode in moments and slowly took the online to level 60ish... Red Dead interrupted play, and I really can't be bothered to get hooked by MW2 again.

So, what to play, what to play... I don't spend a lot on games as my job, my other job and my fam keep me away - game time is limited, so I only get rlly rlly top titles.

Ran Warhawk again a week or so ago - it's as awesome as it ever was. Those of you who haven't played it, for crikeys sake go Playstation Store and put £15 on it - I'll be your friend and learn you up in no time. This is unquestionably the most hectic, balanced multiplayer game anywhere, it's hilarious, varied, amazing vehicle variety (jeep, tank, warhawk, then DLC for dropships, APCs, Jetpacks etc - each totally different and useful) - just perfect. I'll say no more.

Thank You, SRSLY

Just want to say thanks to the person who gave me an R4 this holiday weekend with a half dozen DVDs full of NDS Roms. For the uninitiated that car is a modified R4 ;) it is not NDS compatable. Not heard anything more from the guys behind the X3Jailbreak but rest assured i'll let you know once it arrives.

Also this weekend i played, and finished, Mafia II, it took me 22hrs to complete but that included taking time out and replaying some of the earlier missions. First off the game looks really nice, the attention to detail really comes through and helps to pull you in to the game, secondly, the game is totaly linear in it's execution, you get the story missions and nothing else, you can go to a shop to buy clothes, or mildly modify a car, or steal a car and get it crushed for cash but that's it really. That's not saying it's a bad game, far from it, it's just the pace is a lot slower than other sandbox titles and there is realatively not much else to do except drive/walk around looking at things.

The story is rather good, following your return to Americaland after a stint in the war and your adventures with the local Mafia the opening war level serves as the tutorial. The first 1/3rd of the game is very downbeat and grey and cold but things get better later on as you get more trusted and get better jobs to do. There's also the 'exclusive' DLC pack which adds more gameplay with a new character called Jimmy and comes across as some good ideas they left out of the main game and bases missions on points scores, only played the first couple of missions and they're much like the main games.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tekken 6 - Arcade Stick Edition £36.99

Been putting off getting an Arcade Stick because of price, then fret no more as you can now get the Tekken 6 Special edition off Amazon for a megre £36.99. As a proud owner of one of these puppies i can say it's well worth the cash, i'd jump in quick as they're sure to go at that price.

Other bargains:

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger £14.99

Super Street Fighter IV £17.78

Monday, 23 August 2010

What Have I Been Playing?

PS3 Hack, No Comment

Sony's dismissed stories of the 'PSJailbreak' PS3 hack as "rumour and speculation".

Reports over the weekend suggested that a successful PlayStation 3 hack had been cloned and made available via USB.

The 'modchip' supposedly contains software allowing users to copy games to the hard drive and play backup games.

Earlier today it was reported that Sony could actually detect users of the hack and issue bans to those awash with guilt.

But Sony has now started to issue its standard 'no comment' equivalent of, "we don't comment on rumour and speculation."

We're not sure which part exactly Sony is suggesting is rumour - as it all looks pretty real to us.

Then again, we wouldn't be surprised if the platform holder's got a trick up its sleeve to crush the new-found threat.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

i'm Not Bad, I Was Just Drawn That Way

Played a few hours of Dog Days last night in co-op, so far it's been one long slaughterfest. The gritty digital video cam footage etc really adds to the confusion, there's weapons a plently to play with and i like the fact you can drag your sorry arse across the floor still shooting when you've been taken down. you can button mash to keep your health from dropping too far too until your partner comes to tag you, if one dies you both restart the section.

Going to start it in single player today sometime, after the housework and shopping that is... why is reality less exciting than playing a drug fuelled psycho? ;)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tourist Trophy: 100% Finally

May 29, 2006 i walked out of the games shop with what would become my favorite bike game ever. To this day i stand by the fact i think it's the best bike game on any system, that includes SBK on the PS3, i have SBK 09 and although you get more bikes on track i can't say it's an improvement in handling or track models.

On Sunday 15 August 2010 i finally got gold in all events on all tracks, that's a lot of racing! My garage is a bikers wet dream and i was soo pleased to win the race modified Suzuki Katana in the extra racing events once i nailed Tourist Trophy mode. i'd been after winning that bike for ages. Strange then you think that i post a pic of me on the Ducati 999R, well, it has the best power to weight ratio of all the bikes i currently own and was taken during my final race. i 'shopped it to make a nice ps3 wallpaper.

Did i get a Platinum Trophy?? nope, i did it because i enjoyed it, and that's what gaming should be about at the end of the day, not grinding your game for a meaningless square of pixels, it should be for love of the game.

Compare the time it took me to 'finish' the racing in this and ask yourself just how long does it take to nail one of these modern racers, i think the last one i played was Split/Second, that took me a couple of weeks to complete and i haven't played it since. Was it worth the money? It was a good ride and is fun to pop in teh drive and play for 1/2hr at a time, but Epic it most definitley wasn't despite all the hollywood cinimatics during gameplay.

And now, now i am waiting for November 3rd, as Gran Turismo 5 got it's official Europian date today at Gamescom. i'm taking the 4th and 5th off work. I also still play GT4 and was so happy when i picked up the PS2 to replace the loss of backwards compatability in my new PS3, i still think GT4 is more hardcore to play than the new mass market friendly GT5, hopefully there will be a mode for mentalists like me in the final code.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mafia II Demo Leads To Pre-Order

First and foremost, the game looks amazing. It's clear the developers possess a creativity-driving passion for the genre, as everything--from the period cars to the sharp mafioso suits--is drenched in immersion-pushing detail. The story unfolds from the mid 1940's to the 50's in a fictional city that takes its inspiration primarily from New York, but with a little Chicago and San Francisco flavor also thrown in. Mafia II's 10-square mile Empire Bay boasts beautiful architecture evocative of the cities it's based on, New England's famously temperamental weather, and plenty of places where wiseguy-wannabes can get into trouble. And that's exactly what I did just minutes into my hands-on demo...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Flash Your ROM Me Hearties

EZ-Flash IV arrived today in a not so subtile box, it had tape all over it with the site name 'flashlinker and gameboy' hiding what was until a copy of weeks ago not illegal, i guess possibly the EZ4 comes under that ruling as it can be used in a NDS.. mmm... well, it arrived without any trouble. i paid for it with paypal, it was shipped via registered post and i picked it up and signed for it at teh depot this morning. a nice professional operation.

How does it work, well, it does exactly what it says on the tin. i did purchase a 2Gb Kingston SD card set with it as that is it's limit per card and you can fit a ton of roms on there. It seems it is better to sort your roms into folders, like one for rpg, one for arcade etc etc as it allows faster access and create a /saver folder for the gamesaves.

The EZflash wiki http://ezflash.sosuke.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page is very helpful for new owners and i'd soon loaded in my new custom front end and downloaded the client software, you can drag and drop the roms if you wish oro use the client for customed settings.

FlashLinker - For All Your FlashCart Needs

Also, Bidding on the Sega Dreamcast ends 12:30 Sunday.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Post 500.. It's The Weekend, Nearly

Should be going to see 'Predators' at some point and no doubt getting a few more hours in on Army of TWO co-op mode with my hetro life buddy, i also plan on some more GT4/TT track time.. Is it November yet? *waits waits*. The arcade stick is doing nicely and i'm finding it much better for driving games than the joypad, very weird.. it also jacks into my netbook so i can use it on my Virtual Game Boy Advance while connected to my HDTV over HDMI, damn, 32" GameBoi definately FTMFW!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gran Turismo 5: Collector's Edition

Box Contents: Special GT5 packaging with specialised outer box finish, Collector's Edition inlay sleeve art, 200+ page drivers/strategy guide, 5 x Collector's Edition artcards/postcards, 5 x Collector's Edition 'ChromeLine' car pack, Exclusive Polyphony designed dynamic theme. A few pence short of sixty quid.

Aaand if you really feel you're missing out on the 'Special Edition' coffee table book you could do worse than chip a tenner buying the Offical Gran Turismo 4 Guide Book what with the other 800 cars in the game being ganked from GT4 and GT:PSP an all, so it's still highly useful adn has a nice track guide and more.


Little Big Planet 2 Delayed

Dear Customer,

Greetings from Amazon.co.uk.

Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

   "LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)"
    Estimated arrival date: November 15 2010

One of Amazon's aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have fallen short. Please accept our sincere apologies.