Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 2012 for the Vita?

In true Unofficial Threespeech style, absolutely no summing up the last year, listing games we all know about. 

Instead, here's the thing that strikes me about PS Vita.

See, I think it's a superb bit of kit, I kind of want one, but given I work from home and travel little (and when I do I tend to drive), portable gaming is not really something I need. 

As a 'hardcore gamer' i.e. not a general consumer but a genuine fan of gaming, it's a product I want to see succeed. The online press seem to adore quoting week 1/2 sales figures, predicting gloom and doom - I don't give a monkeys about all that - Sony have put the big guns on the day one releases (Wipeout, Uncharted etc.) and a few more heavy hitters like that, it's going to be hard for a proper gamer not to want one. 

I think we should all buy a Vita - the product of 2012 which deserves our support. Maybe not until the memory cards drop in price though. 

Saints Row The Third - the final challenges

I'm really close to Platinum on SR3 now, not that I'm a trophy whore (just a regular, naked psycho whore as pictured), I only had a few challenges left after ticking through the missions, car thefts and assasinations, so I decided to press on and go for the full set...

The one I (and many other people) messed up on is "Gang Members Taunted" - you have to taunt 50 of them, which I only did 7 times during the game. Once you've got City Takeover, there are no gang members left. There is a couple of ways on XBox, but on PS3 there is only one technique that I've found that works, and actually makes it pretty easy to get...

Start the Mayhem (Easy) activity in the Deckers area.

Jump in the Deckers car and torpedo it away from them, then blow it up. Maybe do this to a couple of cars, so you have 4-5 Deckers shooting at you.

Duck into Friendly Fire to clear your Noteriety, then come out and Taunt - repeat.

You may notice you can't always/often taunt the same Decker, so waste em and get a fresh carload.

When you are down to 15 seconds or so on the activity, Save Game and Load Game. If you restart the activity you lose the challenge gains, so don't do it!

I am three rounds in and getting 7-8 taunts per round, so it really is fairly painless!

[source: HaxAras in the SR3 Forums]

After this I have a bit more Car Torpedo work and a couple of Base Jumps, then I'm home and dry! Next stops, Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2 have been waiting for me..

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Holidays Gamers

All the best from the team at ThreeSpeech, and remember, a game is for life not just for xmas ;)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Just Where Are We Located?

Ever wondered about ThreeSpeech and where we are located in the world, well now i reveal the location of our disused cold war nuclear bunker that we call home. Not what you expected?

Saturday, 17 December 2011

3D Converter Unit; Egreat TD20

Well, it finally got customs clearance a couple of days ago, did they think it was a bomb part or something? First thing, bloody small isn't it. But it seems to be well made and i run the power from 5v USB cable from a spare port on the TV. Operation is easy, just click 3D mode button to change output to SBS-H format and my tv automatically switched into 3D mode, Adjust the depth, i set mine at 3 or 4 but it has 6 levels of parallax, and don your active shutter glasses. I know this item is basically un-needed these days as nearly all 3DTV have a built in converter, but mine didn't! grr.. I have to say the effect is rather nice, on par with the Samsung TVs built in unit, takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust but after that, just fine. QI has never looked better. i ran BBC HD at 1080i into the box and it did a loverly job on the 3D convertion.

Going to test it out on some PS3 titles later, i expect comparable results to my PS2+Virtual FX unit that is now sadly dead due to knackered glasses for it which i am not forking out $100 for for a replacement set. First test will be GT5 as that has built in 3D so it will be easy to compare.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

NOT Lollipop Chainsaw

Freckle Bitch releases some pent up PMT the only way she knows how.

Top Of The World, Ma

In every sandbox game it is the law that you must find then get to the highest point in the world. here i am atop the radio tower on the tallest building in Steelport. managed to land on it first attempt, pretty pleased with self. :)