Friday, 18 November 2011

Saints Row The Third - day one verdict

A necessary post given our own Mr Mobiletone is most likely at work and wondering...

I've had a couple of hours, and it's really really good.

One thing I expect in a modern game is a clear and responsive user interface, not just the menus but extending to the way cut scenes work. SR3 does not need the cut scenes skipped to get in the action, as the mission details are explained while you play. When you fail/complete a mission, the screens look great and are quick and get the point across in a satisfying manner. They really worked on this 'keep the player having fun' factor and IT DOES IT BETTER THAN ANY OTHER GAME I'VE PLAYED.

Sandbox is an overused word, as rarely do you feel you can go anywhere and do anything. Grand Theft Auto started it then lost the plot somewhat, Saints Row plagiarised so much, but here they've improved on the format in almost every respect. I kid you not. For example:

  • Talk about straight into the action. No spoiler, but a top first mission in seconds of starting!
  • Guns are fun, accurate, vary well, zoom works well, ammo is no tighter than necessary but not free etc.
  • Stealing cars has a wide variety of animations and outcomes, right up to immediate steals by jumping through windscreens etc.
  • After 2-3 missions and a couple of sides I was genuinely spoilt for choice - a round of Genki (OMG that is amazing - a murdering game show against the clock though fire traps etc - very 'Running Man'), assassinations, drug running, gang killing events - all without needing to drive for 5 minutes to get there. Great map, great smartphone system for finding/selecting everything - wonderful.
  • Cars handle even better than before, fast, easy yet mental too. Hazah! 
  • Good story line so far, no sign of letting up. 
Any downsides?
  • I don't like the hair customisations, a few more would have been good. I wanted to recreate my SR2 character and I can't get very close at all. 
  • I can't play a game with a 4 foot long dildo weapon with my 11 year old daughter. 


  1. Cheat mode
    Press Back to use the phone, and select the "Extras" option, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Achievements and auto save are disabled when cheats are activated. However, you are still allowed to manually save while cheats are enabled.
    Result Code

    Player Ability
    $100,000 cheese
    Weapons letsrock
    Golden Gun (one-hit kills) goldengun
    Infinite sprint runfast
    No vehicle damage vroom
    Repair car repaircar
    Add respect whatitmeanstome
    Add police notoriety pissoffpigs
    No police notoriety goodygoody
    Add gang notoriety lolz
    No gang notoriety oops

    Spawn Ambulance giveembulance
    Spawn Anchor giveanchor
    Spawn Attrazione giveattrazione
    Spawn Bootlegger givebootlegger
    Spawn Challenger givechallenger
    Spawn Commander givecommander
    Spawn Condor givecondor
    Spawn Eagle giveeagle
    Spawn Estrada giveestrada
    Spawn F69 Vtol givevtol
    Spawn Gatmobile givegatmobile
    Spawn Kanada givekanada
    Spawn Kenshin givekenshin
    Spawn Knoxville giveknoxville
    Spawn Krukov givekrukov
    Spawn Miami givemiami
    Spawn Municipal givemunicipal
    Spawn Nforcer givenforcer
    Spawn Peacemaker givepeacemaker
    Spawn Pheonix givepheonix
    Spawn Reaper givereaper
    Spawn Sandstorm givesandstorm
    Spawn Shark giveshark
    Spawn Spectre givespectre
    Spawn Squasar givesquasar
    Spawn Status Quo givestatusquo
    Spawn Taxi givetaxi
    Spawn Titan givetitan
    Spawn Toad givetoad
    Spawn Tornado givetornado
    Spawn Vortex givevortex
    Spawn VTOL givevtol
    Spawn Vulture givevulture
    Spawn Widowmaker givewidowmaker
    Spawn Woodpecker givewoodpecker

    Spawn 45 Sheperd givesheperd
    Spawn Apocafists giveapoca
    Spawn AR 55 givear55
    Spawn AS3 Ultimax giveultimax
    Spawn Baseball Bat givebaseball
    Spawn Chainsaw givechainsaw
    Spawn Cyber Blaster givecybersmg
    Spawn Cyber Buster givecyber
    Spawn D4TH Blossom giveblossom
    Spawn Electric Grenade giveelectric
    Spawn Flamethrower giveflamethrower
    Spawn Flash Bang giveflashbang
    Spawn Grave Digger givedigger
    Spawn Grenade givegrenade
    Spawn K-8 Krukov givekrukov
    Spawn KA-1 Kobra givekobra
    Spawn M2 Grenade Launcher givelauncher
    Spawn McManus 2015 givesniper
    Spawn Mini Gun giveminigun
    Spawn Molotov givemolotov
    Spawn Nocturne givesword
    Spawn RC Possesor givecgun
    Spawn Reaper Drone givedrone
    Spawn Riot Shield giveshield
    Spawn RPG Launcher giverpg
    Spawn S3X Hammer givehammer
    Spawn SA-3 Airstrike giveairstrike
    Spawn Satchel Charge givesatchel
    Spawn Shock Hammer giverocket
    Spawn Sonic Boom givesonic
    Spawn Stun Gun givestungun
    Spawn TEK Z-10 givetek
    Spawn The Penetrator givedildo
    Spawn Viper Laser Rifle giveslm8

    Sunny weather clearskies
    Cloudy weather overcast
    Rainy weather lightrain
    Very rainy weather heavyrain

    Bloody Mess notrated
    Heaven Bound fryhole
    Vehicle Smash isquishyou
    Drunk (pedestrians are drunk) dui
    Mascots (pedestrians are mascots) mascot
    Pimps and Hos (pedestrians are pimps and prostitues) hohoho
    Zombies (pedestrians are zombies) brains

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  2. that first mission blew me away. EPIC

  3. Nice review- sounds like the game is as good as you guys were hoping. Might have to check it out