Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saints Row The Third: Playing It My Way

Freedom, Fun, F**king About.. From the first time the game started to when i turned the console off many hours later i totally enjoyed myself. I played this with my tongue firmly stuck in my cheek and a grin on my face. There was a point when the crew were flying over a penthouse about to do an assault when my character gets asked 'can you see anything?' and i reply 'yeah, there's someone in my pool!' before leaping out of the helicopter to parachute in and start blazing. That moment has summed up the game so far.

If you are not worried about your Trophy collection then the cheats list i posted opens up a whole new world of possibilities, i have two save files on the go now, one for straight playing, the other for balls out daft. I finished off the night driving around a zombie infested Steelport in a tank with 3 hotties in a purple scoutcar in tow sporting uzis, this had the side effect so that when you get a phonecall for a gang side mission (horde mode type gameplay) the zombies started attacking the other gang too and all shit would break lose.

talking of 'Whored Mode' this is a nice solid addition entered from the main menu, i wouldn't play it with the kids mr jimmy! ;) i gave it a go and got to wave 6 first attempt.

Haven't played any co-op yet as i'm waiting for more news on the fact PS3 owners will be able to download Saints Row 2 next week sometime until Feb when they redeem their in box code.

Initially the game feels different to SR2, the customisation is not as in-depth but that does not matter much, not as in the character so much as the fact there are only a couple of store outlets to buy new stuff from, and most of it seems to have been in the free Initiation Station downloaded from the PSN Store. There seems to be less vehicle types too. You can buy up shops, and buildings to gain an hourly income, this will come in handy to keep you in bullets and up grading your weapons.. an incendary round duel weilding uzi set-up anyone?

Early days yet but it looks like The Saints are on a mission, where that mission will lead who knows. But i'm pretty sure i'm gonna have a damn good laugh finding out.


  1. special mention to the drift button. blimey!! cornering has never been so much fun :)

  2. 'X' and some fine fingering of the R2 to slide around corners. takes a little bit to get used to it.

    ps: am in top 1% of players for hourly earnings, over $40,000p/h does that mean i'll get the 99% camping outside my flat now??

    top 2% of people killed at over 1000% above average score.

    damn. sort of makes up for sucking balls in killzone :D

  3. :D I beat you on big air, you've got all the rest!! Nice photos too, I'll have to grab a few of them

  4. using Chromium browser and i cant embiggen the pictures :( i guess thats what the corner icon does?

    will try in foxyfire later.

    do you like the shark attack pics? omnomnomnom :)

  5. Search for Saints Row 2 on Store to find and download it.

    even though i have a hard copy i'm still having it, going to share a copy with my mate too and my dlc packs as it's his birthday tomorrow, who said i was cheap? ;)