Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Why Are We Here

Due to lack of interest and hardly any feedback/comments from visitors the Unofficial Threespeech site is being mothballed, not teabagged.

Thanks to all who did come and participate in this little project, it was fun, but it's time to move on.


  1. yep yep this is how it is I'm afraid, it's a shame as I've a lot of love for the project. Just gotta do work in the day instead of blogging!

    Major thanks to Grandmaster Mobiletone for heading up the blog, thanks to reakt, fanpages, erole, marv, devine, pablo, the trolls and the lurkers. Plus any I've forgotten.

    Thanks to Sony for the consoles and the stupid semi-official we all met on in the first place. I guess thanks to XBox as well to keep the pressure on ;)

    I'm still active in the Grumpy Old Men clan, having a right laugh with them - do join if you fancy it. KZ3 games every Tues eve are hilarious and will prob go on for a few more months yet. There are COD and BF3 regular meets too, plus others like UC3. I'm eager for Starhawk meets when it goes gold.

    Sometimes I post on thesixthaxis and the official, not much though.

    Be good peoples - iloveyoubyebye

  2. It's been fun. I've enjoyed reading, commenting and posting. Sorry for not posting anything decent for a long while. You've got my contact details guys. Give me a shout if you find yourself in London on a weekday.

  3. Always been an interesting read, so my thanks for brightening up many days - especially with some of the videos that I really shouldn't have looked at in the office! :) (Does 'tone spend his days scouring the web for them?)

    MrJimmy, might have to join that clan for BF3 - need something to get me playing again (even if I am pretty crap at it).

    Reakt, I'm in London every day (working in Westminster, I have no choice) - where do you hide out?