Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mess Effect 2 before Mass Effort 3

Thanks Mittens for the Mass Effect 2 lend. Dead Space 2 is next..

I've spent 45 hours with ME2 and just completed it. Top game, really enjoyed maybe 30 of those 45. The rest of the time I was:

(a) Scanning planets to fill these 4 green bars. That let me upgrade my stuff. Wow, eh?

(b) Selecting conversation options, to get Paragon (goody goody points) or Renegade (baddie juice). This juice 'opened more options in the same conversations'. Er, great. It probably effected, er, other events.

NOW THEN: this game is all about the story, and it is a belter. I like the way you can go deck to deck on your very cool spaceship, interact with your very cool tech and crew, fly the fucker where you like in the galaxy with cool mass effect jumps between systems - rocking out the cool sandbox style missions as you go, adding to the fully realised 'universe' backstory. Go to interesting places, meet new aliens and robots, then kill some of them.

The third person shooter engine is OK, it's no Uncharted, but it's functional and the guns, ammo, biotic power options etc. are good fun. Buggy and weird in places, but it all works.

TROUBLE IS: For all those hours, some of your choices have permanent effects, which in the closing mission assures the pointless deaths of some of your team. As far as I can tell, due to a single decision much earlier on (siding with Jack when her and Miranda had a fight) I lost my three favourite team members - those two and Legion, the coolest robot dude ever. What makes it worse is the choice ensured I couldn't cop off with Miranda and I played good guy with Jack when I could have had rocking meaningless sex. Great, an almost totally naked, fully tattooed highly fit rock hard psychopath was one selection away, and I held out to gain a few goody points - dick. Or rather, no dick. [YouTube shows the romance scenes if you care]

AND: these decisions carry into Mass Effect 3! I may just nuke my savepoint for all that effort - I want my full squad back. But I think I will be picking up ME3 on a rainy preowned day late 2012.

Due you like my clever post title? Do I win £5?

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  1. the Subway voucher is in the post.

    I played ME2, but somewhere along the line it got put back on the shelf never to darken my drive slot again. don't quite know why, it was alright as far as the wandering shooting text blurb went but i wasn't gripped by teh Epicness!11!! the big niggle for me was space, y'know, that vast unending void of universe was reduced to something that looked like a damn Android App game rather than something more Wing Commanderish that they could have done.

    why no love for proper space games this gen?

    or bmx/mountainbike games..

    or or or or

    this gen feels like it's all FPS and driving games. Saying that i am prepared to give TC Ghost Recon a go in a couple of months when it comes out, well, have to have at least one shooter a year.