Saturday, 14 May 2011

It's real - loads on Starhawk

Oh yes indeedy, now Blogger is back up (I think it caught a bit of PSNitus yesterday, couldn't login) I can catch up with the rest of the interweb to joyfully caw:

Starhawk! Yee - freekin' Hawwwww!!

The Good News:
  • "Starhawk is the spiritual successor to Warhawk". It's looks to have kept all the good about Warhawk, thrown away the entire (lack of) back story and given us a lot of new direction, including:

  • Build and Battle - the map is a canvas, a fast, visceral system lets the player drop buildings on the map where they want them. Warhawk was unique in it's frantic yet strategic freedom, this is not lost on LightBox, they've multiplied up the map variety in a truely unique manner - incredible.

  • PS3 exclusive, build by a passionate studio of gamers. All bodes well for a true landmark game.

  • A single player campaign as well as the multiplayer gem we hunger for - bonus!

  • A built-in calendar for scheduling games with clans, friends etc. It's about time someone thought of this. I really appreciated the Warhawk style game listing, I hope they keep a version of this as well (you could join a popular server rotating maps/modes to suit, or have a custom private game, dive in on something/someone who looks good, or host a game of your choice if you have the bandwidth). The auto matchmaking of most console games is so dull.

  • The Hawks RULE. Check the videos. Oh, the jeeps look tight too, plus there is a promise of a tank equivalent. No news on dropships, jetpacks, APCs etc, but we can all see there will be plenty of exciting choice, all nicely balanced.

  • The weapons system from Warhawk (d-pad selection of 8/more choices) is in place, as is weapon pickup spawn points on the map. This worked before and will again, ace.
The Bad News:
  • "sometime in 2012"
Look for yourself:

This is not it, I wonder what this is

MrJimmy summary:

Long wait, but boy am I a happy camper *does little dance *


  1. Thanks for the news - looking forward to it already!

  2. Starhawk.. i think i have that on my mamed xbox as a Vetrex ROM. sort of budget shoot the starwars space ships thingy.