Saturday, 7 May 2011

What did you get done?

OK we've avoided the bleeding obvious PSN=poo debate here, but now it's almost time to switch on the new boxes at Sony HQ, let's all show what we've got done while the network took a well deserved hiatus.

Just before I list what I done did, I will say this: governments and massive corporations get hacked, most of these go undiscovered or covered up, so I say well done Sony for taking the high ground. The PSN has been super reliable for the most part, this was a right kicking but hey, shit happens, and it'll come back just fine shortly - there, that's better, vented.
  • Completed: Dead Nation on Grim
  • Completed: Portal 2 Single Player
  • 30% done: painting the house (mock tutor i.e. black wood white plaster)
  • Started: bit of gardening
  • Done: fitted a water butt in the garden (it's fun sawing chunks out of drainpipes)
  • Done: awesome and massive joint kids/wife birthday party
  • Completed: tidied the legendary attic room, now usable again
  • Completed: sorted out the garage (can now find all my tools again)
  • Done: Got the old Amiga 500 up and running (damn games take a long time to load)
  • Done: got the Amiga MIDI sequencer and Casio FZ1 sampler out to play some old beats
  • 70% done: set up some modern audio software to make some new beats
  • Started: mission 'fight the flab'. OK stopped again, but started!
I've really missed having PSN at my beck and call, but it's been good to escape the lure. It's so easy to waste hours plugging away on PS3, but I'm pretty satisfied with the other stuff I've got done without it. My work has been minimal lately, so that's contributed too (might be looking for a job soon) but at least half of the above would not have happened without the PSN outage!

OK, your turn, 'fess up below...


  1. ah piss, blogger ate my post.. grrrrr.


    painted g/fs frontroom/bedroom
    major spring clean of 1930 flat
    called plumbers back in!
    world premier of 'The Wolves' v.good btw
    g/fs birthday, she liked shiny thing! :)
    laid carpets
    diy/ikea bank holiday thing
    got driving licence back, turbo diesel astra van
    New Vegas again, siding with Brotherhood of Steel/Legion
    hung out with new family, getting an instant 16yr old son feels.. odd...
    didn't really miss PSN all that much TBH.

    think i'll go play some GT5 in 3D now.

  2. Pretty much business as usual.

    Beat God of War on Normal
    Beat God of War 2 on Normal
    Platinumed Sly Cooper
    50% through Sly Cooper 2
    Almost completed inFAMOUS Hard/2nd playthrough for Platinum

    No significant real-world events to report.

  3. *Painted conservatory (not finished)
    *First BBQ of the year
    *Hanging baskets and tomatoes planted, roses sprayed
    *Switched broadband to PlusNet
    *New mobile phone contract sorted (resisted the temptation of buying an iphone)
    *Got car MOT'd / serviced

    Rock 'N' Roll !!!!!

  4. I love this post, we are actually, fully functioning human beings as well as terrible game addicts! Except Divine, he just plays games ;)

  5. can i legally disown almost stepson due to him gaming on an xbox360? *chuckles* he did ask whether i had heard about the PSN going down? i don't think he's sussed out i have the PS3 tattoo yet, probably more worried about what vile and perverse things i'm doing to his mum on our weekends away :D

    DIY is the new gaming!! where's my 100% wall coverage trophy?

  6. Jimmy - I'm curious - which audio software did you set up to create some new beats? I used to write dance music on the Amiga and haven't used any software since protracker!

  7. Not alot to report from the real world, keeping the NHS ticking over I suppose.

    Finished Heavy Rain
    Finished God of War 2
    Finished Portal 2
    Finished God of War 3 challenges
    50% through Ballad of Gay Tony

    @Jimmy got my Amiga packed away at my folks house in Spain, used to love mucking around in Octomed.. what 'modern audio software' are you using?

  8. @Marv heheh my sampler history started with a 1.4sec sampler on Commodore 64, then Med, Octamed, then got a Casio FZ1 keyboard sampler, sequenced with Music X. The FZ1 had a great warm sound, awesome for bass.

    The new setup is Reason 4 and Sonar X1, just ordered an iScratch Mixlive so I can scratch anything on wax. All I need now is to learnify it all.