Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Was The Rapture Good For You?

My old world ended, and a new one began. So i guess those crazy x-tians were right in one way. Also we went to see Attack The Block, pretty good film, totally British, depends on your tolerance of dubious landan yoof speek i guess and most of teh action is in the extended trailer, worth killing a couple of hours for though. has some genuine LOL moments too.

Not been gaming much, well, except for a bit of Halo. yeah, i have gone over to the dark side :) Feeling pangs of guilt for not getting on with Mass Effect 2, damn box is getting dusty, had just started to get into that when RealLife(tm,(c) UTS) got in the way. But the builders are gone, we have new furniture, the plaster stayed on the wall, and the singularity has been removed from teh backroom. It's all forwards from here on in. 2011 is turning out to be an interesting year so far.

ps: for those not on ArseBok, Me and Rach' are now all sorts of official an shit ;)


  1. I just don't get this whole Rapture thing, I'm a devout non believer too, I don't see the world carrying on as normal as a strong anti religion sentiment than the zillion other bits of evidence surrounding us all each day. Hey Ho!

  2. I had no idea about the apocalypse until the day after...

    It could potentially have happened and I doubt I'd notice actually, I'm so perpetually knackered with 12 hour shifts and nursery trips I'm not really sure which plane of existence I'm currently inhabiting.

  3. i think u have some of my work Divine, I only do a couple of hrs a day from home at the mo. Amazing how I still manage to pass the time though..