Monday, 26 September 2011

Ashes to Ashes, Dust, to Dust.

like some mad hybrid between Lemmings and an old Molyneux game From Dust is a bit of a gem on the PSN. I downloaded the demo and after a play around got the full game, the premise is basic, get your little tribes people to make villages and get to the exit portal, but all the while you battle against the forces of nature, so far Tusmanis and Volcanos and Water. You have certain things you can do to progress your tribe by unlocking hidden knowledge, these come about by reforesting percentage of map etc. Once you have a nice stable map for your tribe you can get creative and build lagoons, mountains rivers and just chill out with it before deciding to advance to the next level. Spent a good few hours on Sunday evening playing with this title and enjoyed myself totally.

status: approved.


  1. I picked this up after enjoying the demo more than I expected to - ended up spending hours on the second level (with the river) just playing around after I'd completed all the objectives. I ended up with a large square piece of land after basically filling the entire area with sediment from the river.

    Not a perfect game, but damned good fun and a technically superb engine. Approval seconded.

  2. It's that PLUS push download isn't it? A perfect game for the push, as I too enjoyed it and would not have tried it otherwise. But, decided not to buy it, it was a close call though.

    Not too interested in Burnout Crash either, had 10 mins of play then decided life is too short.

  3. watched some gameplay videos of Burnout and just shuddered. They made Crash Mode look utter pants, i'm sure they could have ripped that mode from a full PS2 game and tarted it up HD style for the Store instead if this empty looking thing.

    MASSIVE feature on Saints Row: The Third in Xbox World magazine, haven't been this hyped for a game for ages. in fact i've put off getting Skyrim as there are not enough hours in teh week to play both epic games.

  4. Will check out the Demo - cheers.
    I was intrigued by burnout crash as well but I read on metacritic that the reviews were a bit shit.