Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clans and Forums and stuff

OK one reason I got involved with blogging was to meet and play other gamers online, but I've not been getting on that well with it. While most of the lurkers on U3S are on my friends list, I don't meet them on PSN very often.

Taking KZ3 as an example, this game is at it's best with a well organised clan, headsets all round, meet in the lobby for tactics, then go get 'em. Lovely....

... only many players don't get this together. Some sure only dip in and out, but there are other games more suited to this, you can't beat an organised clan side with an unorganised but more skilled team, not usually. When I cracked open KZ3 beta then release, I swiftly went about setting up a U3S clan, but with only one or two takers for one or two days, that wan't up to it.

There was then the GDNA clan, this was fine for a while and fanpages did a good job in rallying a sizable membership. Fun was had on a very few ad hoc nights, but no clan games or regular meet times, so I looked elsewhere.

Next up TSAN. Regular meets Mon and Fri evenings were on, and about 8 attendees each time, but this was mostly bootcamps i.e. training for a clan game, although the one clan game organised I couldn't make, and the organiser has gone all quiet.

I'm jumping KS3 clan again, I'm trying out GoM (Grumpy Old Men). I like the look of this, hundreds of older UK gamers, skill not important, a good clan website (liking the enjin) and lots of games, PS3 only.

Cross fingers I may get a few decent games before Battlefield 3 launches, then start that one with a good crew around me.

What say you lot, who do you game with, what sites do you chat on?


  1. Hi MrJ,

    I have posted a link to your article in the "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" & "Killzone 3" clan roll-call thread at

    [ ]

    Hopefully this will attract a few more lurkers to contribute.

    Good luck with your new clan! :)



  2. I only started playing online regularly in the last couple of years. Before that gaming was always a single player, or local multiplayer experience for me.

    Having a good group of gaming buddies to play with makes such a difference to the online experience. Thankfully we now have a good crew that play together regularly out of HUKD (including Mr Fanpages himself). We play Uncharted, Killzone, Battlefield and various other games, and although we are not an organised clan as such, we have had a few friendly matches of BC2 and always acquited ourselves very well.

    I hope your experience with the Grumpy Old Men is a good one Mr Jimmy, and whilst we aren't an organised clan as such (training? tactics? pfft), you are always welcome over at HUKD.

  3. @FP @FC - who'd of thought HUKD was a place for gaming meets? Seems more suited to an organic adding of friends than clanning up, being a standard forum style thing. Friendly and active so far over at GoM so far, had three req to add friends already and the admin is super active.

  4. i game with serial-killer, he's my online wingman, plus he lives around the corner and likes to LAN game too. i'd rather play splitscreen or same screen co-op if i'm totally honest, maybe it's in my blood. do people share the pad still these days? me and rach had a great laugh playing enduroracer (sega 1986) on my mamebox trying to beat each others score and punching each other in the arm this weekend.

    2 player co-op gaming yes please, online multiplayer adios.

  5. Online is the only way I can get my fix really, almost all my mates around here are not properly into games, it's more their kids. My missus only likes Peggle etc. not proper games :)

  6. I tend to play mostly SP these days, if I do do any MP I tend to gravitate towards Co-Op, usually couch Co-Op.

    The best MP experience I've had lately has been playing top-down shooters like Dead Nation & Lara Croft: GoL with the GF. PixelJunk too.

    I did really enjoy the RE5 Co-Op campaign with a PSN mate too.

    I don't really post on any forums/blogs anymore, aside from here and the odd post on the Ewwww blog.

  7. That being said... Starhawk does look very, very appealing ;)

  8. I had a great LBP session with you that time Divine. On that subject, I was underwhelmed with LBP2 story mode and haven't bothered with the user efforts, however the Move pack I've just picked up and the first hour was superb, really fun and a much better story.

  9. @Jimmy: Lol Yeah, LBP is still pretty massive in our house to be fair.
    I got the Move pack too. The controls seem to be really well implemented, a lot more intuitive than I thought it would be actually

  10. agreed, like the look of what they are doing with Vita LBP as well, not that I'll be a day one purchaser of Vita, but one day no doubt.

  11. This is it - this place is the extent of my gaming social interaction. I do read the official blog too but don't have a lot of time for gaming at the minute. Trying to keep up with what's coming out and made a couple of recent purchases in the hope I'll have more time to play them someday, especially as my kids get older and they'll join in as well. I'm just as much into the technology side of things - advances in hardware, add on peripherals, etc. I read Engadget regularly and contribute to the comments section sometimes. When the next generation of hardware comes around I'll be more excited about gaming - remember how it was when the PS3 first arrived - not too many games, I know and we all complained about how crappy the XMB was, but wasn't it exciting when good games did start to appear and Sony were releasing more and more updates to the PS3 firmware and with it improvements to the PS3 experience, then the camera and those early games that came along with that. Remember how good motorstorm looked when it came out?! Wipeout HD?! I'm looking out for the PS4 I tell you!

    Oh and yes, PSP Vita looks amazing and I definitely want one. Thing is will I actually use it or will it sit in the sock drawer for a couple of years alongside my PSP fat? :)