Monday, 5 September 2011

Dragon Quest X Footage

Now we will finally have a reason to buy a Wii (also for WiiU). I know you probably haven't touched a DQ game, the last PS one was way back on the PS2, but DQIX on the NDS was a work of wonderfulness, the localisation team did a top job and it had some genuinely LoL humour in it, plus character customisation was done properly, as in your on screen character actually changed items rather than just numbers on a stat' page. My only concern is that this game is being handled by Squenix.. sad smiley face, but judging from the footage alone it looks true to the series. role on 2013 when we'll probably get it here. heh.


  1. Aww the vid got removed. Looks good from the previews anyway. Off topic, just heard that Uncharted 3 release date is now 2nd November. Can't remember what the release date was reported as originally, but I guess it's probably slipped.

  2. Heh, i'm getting Saints Rows: The Third in Nov', was looking forward to new Elder Scrolls but think i'll wait for the compulsory patch as going on previous games it's bound to need some :) maybe a xmassy pressie for myself.

    Next month i get RAGE (Anarchy Edition) can't get enough of post apocalypse survival games. Proper sandbox gaming (Fallout), Rockstar take note here !