Thursday, 20 October 2011

I has a gamertag

The lure of Forza4 and Halo:CE reworked and running in 3D was too much of a temptation (or so i shall keep telling myself to justify another console -heh-) i should think i'll get myself a secondhand box sometime in the next few weeks, nice to see no one had already nabbed my user name.


  1. Is anyone else getting the PSN Store in new shiny glass button mode? has a RedBull X2010 as a background image, it changed after i bought the new GT5 Spa track and paint chip set. weird.

  2. boo, what's next - three60speech? :-) haha, been meaning to take a look at Forza as my bro-in-law keeps going on about how good it is.

  3. i caved... went into BlockBuster on the way home and nabbed a 120Gb Matt Black Elite for 89.99 with one months worth of free game rentals and fourty quids worth of BB vouchers an 6mths warranty . kind of hard to say no to that deal.

    first rental is Metro 2033, now downloading Forza 4 demo, will get from amazon as it's only 35 there plus i'll get a playstation to xbox converter so i can run my Logitech wheel on it :)

    ps: small cat thinks xbox is new warm kitty seating area.

  4. Traitor! double crosser! You burn in hell etc. etc. repeat to fade....

    Not really, it's just a box that does a thing, if it wasn't for the missus eventually working out I bought another console I would have got one ages ago for one of the Halos!!


  5. @Tone that's the good thing about the curved top of my PS3 fat - not that I have a cat, but if I did and the little furball tried to sleep on it he would slide off.

  6. Xbox now installed safely in tv unit away from cats naps. got some good games in a 4-4-20 trade bin deal: Halo 3, Fable II, PGR4, ChromeHounds.. that's 20 quids worth of good gaming there.

    had a laugh playing Project Gotham last night. BSA Goldstar motorbike vs Camero muscle cars -heheh- nice to hoon around racing on a pad rather than GT5 srsbsnss for a change.