Tuesday, 25 October 2011

you wait all day then three come along at once...

It's started, today reviews are coming in for Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 and Batman Arkham City - all are looking very tidy indeed. 

I've gone for the first two - Gamestation have shipped my BF3 as of last night, Uncharted coming from Sainsburys online - Batman relegated to 'rent it' status at some later point. 

The BF3 reviews are PC only at present, but nothing to worry about methinks. Uncharted is sounding very special indeed. Batman also good, I enjoyed the first one - the shelves at Asda nearly pulled me into an impulse purchase yesterday, but I resisted in favour of one of those huge pizzas they do.. 


  1. i've been playing GT4 with a Logitech Rally Wheel :)

    with any luck the PS2 to Xbox360 converter should work nicely with it as the Playstation sees it as a standard controller. fingers crossed.

    got the wheel in mint condition off ebay for £13, even the sucker pads were still sealed in their pack.

    GTA V announcement coming on Nov 2nd!!

  2. Played Uncharted 3 multiplayer a little bit. Kinda annoying waiting to find players in the lobby but fun once you're in (I guess it will be different when the full game launches - more players, less waiting around). So looking forward to the full game. Battlefield 3 looks great from the trailers / TV ads. Batman - still playing through the last one - great game!

  3. I think many of the Uncharted players have hit the level cap of 35 and moved on to something else - but the matchmaking is slow and was on Uncharted 2 as I recall.

  4. Logitech wheel working fine with adapter bought from xettmultimedia on 360 with Forza 4 demo. it just feels kind of naughty too when racing with it. take that Microsoft and your weird new wireless wheel. total cost of wheel hack £18. jobs a good un.

  5. Sounds good Tone!
    @Jimmy - yes you're right matchmaking was slow on uncharted 2 but I remember that once you'd gotten into a game, you could play a few in a row without waiting too long in-between games (when maybe a couple would drop out and then a couple of new ones would quickly be added in).
    Anyway, finally got a new job guys - start in just over a week from now. So I will be able to start buying games again :)

  6. nice one on the new job reakt. what you up to?

    Got a code for the Saints Row Initiation Station so was playing around with that last night, couldn't upload any creations to show you as i'm too tight to spring for a gold membership on Live :) but it works really well, similar to the creator in SR2 but with a few more options. The Playstation Store should have it up next week. Also installed Halo 3 so will be giving that a bash over the weekend.

  7. Thanks Tony. Still in software - doing some multimedia streaming work in London.

  8. shouldn't that be Landan init.. -haha- the rate my work has nosedived over the last month is quite horrifying, may be on the job hunting scene too before much longer :(