Saturday, 17 December 2011

3D Converter Unit; Egreat TD20

Well, it finally got customs clearance a couple of days ago, did they think it was a bomb part or something? First thing, bloody small isn't it. But it seems to be well made and i run the power from 5v USB cable from a spare port on the TV. Operation is easy, just click 3D mode button to change output to SBS-H format and my tv automatically switched into 3D mode, Adjust the depth, i set mine at 3 or 4 but it has 6 levels of parallax, and don your active shutter glasses. I know this item is basically un-needed these days as nearly all 3DTV have a built in converter, but mine didn't! grr.. I have to say the effect is rather nice, on par with the Samsung TVs built in unit, takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust but after that, just fine. QI has never looked better. i ran BBC HD at 1080i into the box and it did a loverly job on the 3D convertion.

Going to test it out on some PS3 titles later, i expect comparable results to my PS2+Virtual FX unit that is now sadly dead due to knackered glasses for it which i am not forking out $100 for for a replacement set. First test will be GT5 as that has built in 3D so it will be easy to compare.


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  3. can i use it with active shutter glasses

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  5. II'm curious about its 3D to 2D conversion ability. Does it have to ability to be configured for which image (left or right) to output when converting from 3D to 2D?

    The reason I ask is I would like to use 2 of these for a dual projection 3D setup using polarized filters. So basically, my Bluray outputs 3D which goes into an HDMI splitter and produces 2 HDMI outputs of the same 3D movie. Each output from the splitter goes into a TD20 and uses the 3D to 2D conversion of the TD20 to produce a left or right image which is then sent to the corresponding left or right projector. If the TD20 is configurable to output either the left or right, then this would work for my purposes but if it is hardwired to only output the left image then I would be missing the right image and it would not work for what I want it to do.

    Can you test it out on the PS3 using a 3D game or movie and see if you can produce the left and right image when using the 3D to 2D conversion?


  6. @ Mike - My LG has active shutter and works a treat

    @Anon - Sorry you can't specify the output channel