Saturday, 31 December 2011

Saints Row The Third - the final challenges

I'm really close to Platinum on SR3 now, not that I'm a trophy whore (just a regular, naked psycho whore as pictured), I only had a few challenges left after ticking through the missions, car thefts and assasinations, so I decided to press on and go for the full set...

The one I (and many other people) messed up on is "Gang Members Taunted" - you have to taunt 50 of them, which I only did 7 times during the game. Once you've got City Takeover, there are no gang members left. There is a couple of ways on XBox, but on PS3 there is only one technique that I've found that works, and actually makes it pretty easy to get...

Start the Mayhem (Easy) activity in the Deckers area.

Jump in the Deckers car and torpedo it away from them, then blow it up. Maybe do this to a couple of cars, so you have 4-5 Deckers shooting at you.

Duck into Friendly Fire to clear your Noteriety, then come out and Taunt - repeat.

You may notice you can't always/often taunt the same Decker, so waste em and get a fresh carload.

When you are down to 15 seconds or so on the activity, Save Game and Load Game. If you restart the activity you lose the challenge gains, so don't do it!

I am three rounds in and getting 7-8 taunts per round, so it really is fairly painless!

[source: HaxAras in the SR3 Forums]

After this I have a bit more Car Torpedo work and a couple of Base Jumps, then I'm home and dry! Next stops, Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2 have been waiting for me..

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