Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 2012 for the Vita?

In true Unofficial Threespeech style, absolutely no summing up the last year, listing games we all know about. 

Instead, here's the thing that strikes me about PS Vita.

See, I think it's a superb bit of kit, I kind of want one, but given I work from home and travel little (and when I do I tend to drive), portable gaming is not really something I need. 

As a 'hardcore gamer' i.e. not a general consumer but a genuine fan of gaming, it's a product I want to see succeed. The online press seem to adore quoting week 1/2 sales figures, predicting gloom and doom - I don't give a monkeys about all that - Sony have put the big guns on the day one releases (Wipeout, Uncharted etc.) and a few more heavy hitters like that, it's going to be hard for a proper gamer not to want one. 

I think we should all buy a Vita - the product of 2012 which deserves our support. Maybe not until the memory cards drop in price though. 


  1. I would really like to get one. I'm even tempted to import one from Japan rather than wait til Feb 22. On the other hand maybe it's worth waiting just a little longer so that I have the X and the O buttons set up as I am accustomed to!

    Actually Sony have done well to have just two major launches of the product this time around and fairly close together. A big improvement on the original PSP launch - when I imported one rather than wait for 6 months for the UK launch.

    I'll dust off my old PSP fat and games and put them on ebay to see how much I get towards a Vita! After that I'll start saving and just hope I have enough when launch day arrives!

  2. I actually cancelled my VITA pre-order & spent the cash I'd put aside. I do mirror Jimmy's sentiments, but I'm gonna have to get some hands-on with it first. The games do look great, but I want to know more about all the other aspects of the machine before I commit my money.
    I'm especially concerned about the viability of the 3G SKU, which is the model I had pre-ordered.

  3. The 3G doesn't excite me, agree I want to play with one before I put the money down. First to play with one, report back here please!

  4. Can you attend any of the PlayStation Access Events for hands-on prior to February?

    [!/playstationaccess?sk=events ]

    I pre-ordered the (WiFi + 3G) PlayStation Vita console on 7 June 2011 (when it was first available in every retailer's online catalogue).

    A new incentive has been made available for pre-ordering...

    [ ]

    I contacted GAME's Customer Services to enquire if I was eligible, & was told that it was just for in-store pre-orders!

    Go figure.

    However... I am not finding any of the launch day titles are "must haves" for me.

    The only title I have pre-ordered is "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" because Amazon (UK) listed it for £28.37 (on 18 December, but the price has subsequently risen).

    PS. 'tone: Don't you have one/more Nintendo DS console(s)?



  5. The PS Vita is DOOMed...

    [ ]


  6. @ fp -yes, i have some R4NDS consoles :D

    not bothered about VITA, if anything i'll be getting a K-Fire as it seems more aimed at what i want to do with a portable device. I think if i owned 6 games for the PSP in all the time i had it i probably only played 2 of them, Killzone Liberation and GT-PSP.

  7. As has happened many a time, Grandmaster Mobiletone makes a point which makes me go 'damn I didn't think about that'.

    I am in the market for a tablet, with both wife and child asking me to find out which we should get. The Kindle Fire looks great for the money, when it comes out here it shall soon be purchased I think. We are already a two Android phone house (me on my HTC Desire, just got the missus the rather excellent Galaxy S2) so the right Android tab is the way forward.

    Great Kindle youtube shows what we can do:

    But thats not what Vita is, is it? It's PROPER games on a PROPER console, so the reason for buying one is akin to Master tone's journey to the XBox side last year, i.e. its the only way to get certain games.

    So, my mind is now already more decided from this, tablet soon come, Vita can wait until an essential game twists my arm behind my back and nicks my wallet from my jeans while I'm distracted.

  8. -haha- 'proper' games :D the thing is for me this Vita is giving me flashbacks to my old Atari Lynx, will you actually be able to leave the house AND leave the mains charger at home? from what i gather the battery life doesn't seem much when you are playing teh hardc0rezz gaems.

    I'm not saying teh Vita isn't an amazing bit of hardware but for 2012 i figure i'm going Android.

    Been playing Skyrim on the 360, have to say it feels much more stable than the PS3 version, i think in around 40hrs of playing i have not had it crash out on me once, the PS3 version bombed after about 10 minutes on my friends system :(

    ps: Deadmau5 in the video *thumbs up*

  9. pps: Got the Microsoft wireless wheel for xmas, works a treat with Forza 4, now why doesn't six-axis feel that responsive, it must be the same sort of tech under the pad?

    ps: dibs on the ginger bird :)

  10. ThreeSpeech Game Of The Year 2011 is:

    Bouncy Mouse :D

  11. Naaa! For me:

    Casual: Plants Vs Zombies
    Best First Person: Killzone 3
    Biggest Disappointment: Move
    Overall: Saints Row The Third
    2nd Place: Portal 2
    RipOff: Black Ops joint with MW3
    Never Again: Black Ops joint with MW3

  12. oh god, Move.. did anything come out for that? i mean after that stacking/jenga game which was rather good, i saw nothing and sold my waveystick (kept the camera)

    biggest disappointment for me was lack of 3D support in games, saying that, that 2D-2-3D converter i got actually does a better job than the in-game 3D in stuff like GT5, which is a bit tragic really.

    GOTY for total hours played has to be Gran Turismo 5

    Most Fun: Saints Row The Third, hurry up with more story/mission DLC as it was a bit short.

  13. Think I better write a Move post.

    SR3 - yep the missions were short on quantity, but the 'Saints Book' challenges I found really enjoyable right through, the only issue I had I posted on a couple of days back, otherwise it's the most fun platinum I've got (the others being Uncharted 1, 2 and Burnout Paradise). The SR3 DLC needs to be chunky.

  14. I quoted this thread elsewhere:

    [ ]

    Hope you don't mind, MrJ.

    Some interesting reading there too, perhaps.



  15. course not master fanpages! Will take a butchers.

  16. A Vita would sure make my train journey to work more pleasant plus has the added bonus of making the smug iPad-toting stockbrokers on the train look less smug.

    Best stuff from last year? Nobody mentioned Uncharted 3 yet! Where's the love for Drake? :)

  17. yep while I do love UC3, the campaign is quite a bit shorter than UC2. Both my 11 yr old and I prefered UC2. Still working through Crushing on UC3 as we aced the first two titles, seems rude not to do the same again!

  18. also @reakt, if I had a train journey, a Vita would be on preorder for me - it's the lack of a mobile need holding me off. Finger swiping does not a proper game make, and never will.