Tuesday, 7 June 2011

E3 overload

I'm sure you are all over the E3 feeds from Kotaku etc, suggest we post up our favourites on this thread. So far:

EA have put their top videos here http://www.origin.com/uk/ including the particularly tasty Battlefield 3, SSX and NFS latest vids. A well spent 10 mins watching those.

The Official Sony Blog has a nice few postings, covering PSP -> NGP -> official name = Playstation Vita (daft name, it's a bloody PSP isn't it?), Unchartered 3 and... Dust 514, which looks mighty fine.

Can't be bothered to dig more, add your favs please:


  1. First impressions of PS Vita on Engadget
    Looks nice but if I got it I'd prolly play with it for one week then it would join the old PSP in my sock drawer where it would stay forever!
    I'm more interested to hear what Nintendo have up their sleeve.

  2. The Wii U looks interesting, but not for me. Cross fingers Sony will treat the PS Vita to the same functionality the fancy Wii U controller brings (i.e. wireless screen for PS3 games etc)

  3. Unchartered 3 gets LAN support thanks to the PSN outage, Naughty Dog needed something up for testing so built in LAN support - score! Multiplayer for 10, co-op mode is for three.

    Battlefield 3 looks amazing, total COD killer

    Sony have a sweet PS branded 3D 24" screen which can show 2 players full screen output via the 3D glasses, nice if thats your screen size.

  4. Strong showing from Sony's first party dev's & franchises again, definitely be grabbing all the big-hitters that were shown.
    inFamous 2 arrived this morning, had a few hours in New Marais this afternoon and really enjoyed it. I'm gonna have a proper session tonight (if I can stay awake until then).

  5. I'd forgotten all about LAN support in games. Warhawk has it right? Makes sense as, even without the hacks, PSN can be up and down like a whore's drawers.

    Wii U looks interesting. Nintendo doing something a little different again. I won't buy it either but I'll follow it's development.

    I see Microsoft spent their own keynote harking on about Kinect again.

  6. Gawd.. So much E3 news. liking the Wii U idea, not to bothered about Vita (?) as mentioned it would probably end up living in a drawer for most of it's life. LAN = WIN. more devs need to implement this back into games again.

    that 2 player on 3d screen, didn't that get mentioned last year? surely this is possible on a normal 3D set with two pairs of glasses, just depends on how you sync the output..

    Got myself BRiNK SE from Gamestation new for £24 and x5 XP on my elite gamer card. It feels like proper old school online shooter, a cross between Quake Wars and UTIII with perks and pushing teamwork, it could have turned into a clusterfxxk very easily but i have found it is easy to get holed up in an area by the other side at times. The much touted SMART movement button is no more really than a combined run/jump thing, i was expecting something more Mirrors Edge, but no, play it safe hey devs! ;)

  7. ps: got a new phone, a Moto W375. hello moto *smirks*

  8. pps: g/friend keeps stealing my Ninty DS, how can i stop this? (is secretly chuffed she is now a gamer)

  9. @Reakt yep Warhawk does LAN with the up to 4x players per PS3, so ultra flexible.

    @mototone, you went for the candy pink one right ;)

    also, completely off topic but just realised Stuart Lees Comedy Vehicle is back for series 2, essential viewing: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0110grc/Stewart_Lees_Comedy_Vehicle_Series_2_Charity/

  10. @ Jimmy - yes, yes i did! :D

  11. New Skyrim pictures, OMFG! can i haz gaem noew plz.

    Also GT5 update brings lots of nice tweaks, not noticed much improvement in the AI, but x3 cash and XP for online seasonal events is a welcome plus. Also OCD offers cars at 1/2 price with 0 miles on the clock!