Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Saw this on Kotaku and love the project, free to play arcade machines, networked, webcamming players, posting stats etc. - awesome. Will be finishing off my MAME cabinet this weekend so hold tight for a video of that too.

Winnitron Indie Game Arcade Network: "Arcade Graveyard" from Kert Gartner on Vimeo.

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This video was shot at Allied Coin, the larger of the "Arcade Graveyards" in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. For more information about this hidden gem, and more information on using the Panasonic GH2 for Visual Effects work, check out this "behind the scenes" blog post here

Music by Jim Guthrie jimguthrie.org

More Photos from the Arcade Graveyard can be found here flickr stream


  1. that video made me all kinds of sad :(

    last time i stuck my head in an arcade it was all dance machines and crane grabs. mind you there are a couple of linked need for speed underground car rigs at my local Odeon cinema.

    what are you running in your MAME machine Jimmy? i still have yet to delve deep into the hideous amount of roms loaded onto my mamed xbox. but i put the total at bloody lots. :)

  2. yeah arcades in standard suburbia are total shit, you have to hit secret spots, coastal towns or the odd travelling fair for any chance of a decent play.

    My MAME is a pretty basic PC with a PC CRT Monitor and an IPAC for the controls, simplicity itself really. A full tilt set of MAME roms total 10,000 odd, I have less than half that and hit a lot of checksum errors, so I've got to look at that on Saturday. Also need to pick a decent frontend, the ones I've tried have been poo.

  3. i have MAMEfox running things at my end. Many checksum and incomplete d.loads too, but too many working roms to care about that really. I haven't even looked at the other CDs that came with it but the guy said theres another 3000 roms on them, mostly fighting games, neo geo, that kind of thing.

    running ZXspeccy games on a 42" bastard is very awesome. need to get the JetPac rom as that was the very very first game i copied myself back in the dark ages.

    very pleased to have the Jungler arcade rom, that was a cafe favorite when i should have been at school doing double games on a friday afternoon, yeah right. :)

    right, back to tidying up and changing the bedclothes as the g/friend is coming over for the weekend. might get her to try LBP after the experiment of letting her have a go with the ninty ds was success, long way to go before shes playing Condemned 2 yet though ;)