Monday, 13 June 2011

LA Noire: Epic MEH!

On the other hand, i finished playing through BRiNK as le resistance yesterday evening, am currently at Lv11 and perking my Soldier/Engineer classes. I get the feeling this is a bit of a marmite game, but i really like it. I knew that when i kept getting shafted on one particular level, respawning back in and getting made dead again and spawning again wanting revenge! You don't really need to swop over classes during a level as your objective wheel will spit out stuff for your character to aim for. The game has a metric ton of replay value as you're always after that elusive 3 star rating and XP, perks are bought with combat coins and can be resold if you mess up your skill trees to remap them. The gameplay is run and gun and the bastards soak up bullets like Helghast on hardcore mode, mind that could have been due to others wearing kevlar, but you can equip armour piercing rounds -heheh- Any level can be played in freemode with your own settings, there are challenge levels to unlock weapon customisation gear, XPs earned unlock character customisation stuff. Also worth a mention is the buffs you can give others in your team, this encourages close teamwork as you can hand out ammo, damage perks, medi packs etc. Overall, if you liked the objective play in QuakeWars etc, i think you'll love the tight gameplay in BRiNK.

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