Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Killzone 3 double XP this weekend

I only had a couple of hours last double XP weekend, but it made a massive difference, partly because it was really easy to get matched to a good game where I could be awesome...

and guess what, a WORLDWIDE double XP weekend is now imminent so the Japanese PSN can stretch it's new legs! UK time, Friday 5pm through to Monday 10am. Go get those valuable unlock points!

Also... clan GDNA hasn't really kicked off for KZ3, so I'm hoping something happens soon, otherwise I'm going to look for a more active one - anyone interested in either sprucing up GDNA or a.n.other?


  1. Nice! I don't have KZ3 but good news that Sony are finally getting their shit together. I'm still waiting for the Store to come back up so I can nab my free games!