Friday, 12 August 2011

The AGM Could Have Gone Better

Unofficial Threespeech Now Part of 'Saints Ultor Media Group'.

Y'know, i wonder when we send the first colonists to Mars? what, you haven't played the Red Faction Series.. the connections are rather amusing between these two games. This universe has some messed up canon.


  1. I recently picked up Saints Row 2 and have to say I'm an immediate convert, you are so right tone this makes GTA look pedestrian - loving it! Think I may join you in a preorder for this, I have to play through that parachute sequence!

  2. just saw the post title for this vid on Kotaku "Saints on a Plane" - genius

  3. @ Jimmy - it's worth getting the SR2 DLC too.

  4. cheers moby t I'll do that after I max it

  5. Picked up SHiFT2:Unleashed for £20 new yesterday. Is nice to be able to hoon around while racing instead of taking it all too seriously like GT5. The Autolog system is in there although only 2 people on my f-list have played it, it was nice to slice 5 seconds+ off Mugglemind's lap times in a less powerful car :) The whole XP system works well too. The AI is ruthless and the crashes sublime, wish i had recorded the one where i total blew apart the old BMW Works M3 after launching off the track at 130mph, total wreck, wheels missing doors off etc. carnage. FUN!
    Works a treat with my wireless Logitech Wheel too.
    In-Helmet cam is a nice touch but distracts a little in bends as it looks towards the apex of corners, prefer to stick to in-car cam instead as i get a better feel of where the car is actually pointing.