Monday, 8 August 2011

New BBC iPlayer on PS3 live now

Just checked, hit iPlayer on PS3 and the new version update is there. It's way better, proper app now not a browser based thing, you can select a show while watching one, also favourites makes following a series really easy. Good job Auntie Beeb.


  1. improved search! i'm sold, that was always a bit of a niggle when trying to find something to throw up quickly.

  2. great - long overdue as well I think. I agree the search was rubbish on the old one. Presumably this version will look good in different resolutions as well? Before if you had the iplayer in 1080p it didn't fill the screen.

    Have a search on there for "Angry Boys" (if it's still on there). Bizarre comedy (not for kids). Couldn't decide whether to laugh or be a bit shocked, when watching parts of it.

    Also, the films on there are often pretty good. I guess a lot of people overlook them as there's plenty of short series' to watch but the movies tend to be non-mainstream so something a little different from what's on elsewhere.

  3. i checked last night and i still have the old one running on my PS3.. weird.

  4. @Tone: It can take a few attempts to activate the update for some reason, I had the same problem. I restarted the iPlayer a couple of times, switched the PS3 off/on, then tried again and that triggered it.