Thursday, 11 August 2011

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

A nifty twin stick shooter that should stave off the itch until the full Warhammer game comes out. Though technically that class of Space Marine shouldn't be able to run.. [/pedant]

In other news, Team Threespeech Motorsports Division, yes, you mean you didn't know we had one? ;) Well The 24hr Le Mans race started this morning at 8am and i kicked the team out of bed to get the car up and running. A nice silver arrow in the form of the Sauber Mercedes C9 (standard) running RM front RH rear and a notch up on the braking. After 6 laps the team has nudged into first place and is doing a sterling job holding off the Pescarolos and Audi R8 Race cars that make up the next 5 places. Early days but i think we're in with a good chance of winning.


  1. Looks nice enough, I've been trying to get a Robotron clone running on my MAME cab - must shoot that video one of these days.

  2. I has a Robotron! i think, sure i have that in my mamebox, pretty damn sure in fact. but i get where you're coming from. :)

    suddenly has horrible feeling it could be the Atari 2600 version *shudders*

    have made a note to check M-Box this weekend sometime.

  3. 24hr Le Mans update: Team ThreeSpeech Motorsports are holding the lead with a gap of 4:23 after 15 hours of racing.

    2nd The Pescarolo C60 Hybrid
    3rd Bentley Speed 8 Race Car
    4rd BMW V12 LMR Race Car

  4. you'll win that, no justice if you don't

  5. More Update:

    decided at hour 15 to run RS(f) and RM(r) tyre combination as the weather was getting brighter, now into the final hour (delaying me leaving to see the missus but don't tell her) and the team have pulled 3 laps into the lead. we're a good 5 sec a lap faster than the next car now on that tyre combination.

    1st Sauber Mercedes
    2nd Pescarolo C60 Hybrid
    3rd Bently Speed 8
    4th BMW V12 LMR

    not much changed since this morning then.

  6. 24hr Update: won the event with a clear 4 lap lead, prize money a feeble 260,000Cr talk about taking the piss! lots of XP though. long way to go before i can get B-Spec to Lv40....