Thursday, 25 August 2011

Just bleeding perfect, happy hours ahead

Pixel Junk deliver the goods again, really looking forward to this. I see in this short clip, elements of Scramble, Moon Cresta (did you see this?), R-Type, Nemesis, even their own PJ Shooter - wonderful. LOVE the incredibly simple title, Sidescroller, genius.



    A short filum from my cross country blast with Rach'

    Oh, SideScroller is a definite purchase from the looks of it, now playing Warhammer: KillTeam, and picked up Deux Ex on my trip back home too.

  2. Sidescroller looks interesting but I like the way that all the pixeljunk games have been completely different from the last, until now. I thought that their dungeons game would be up next. Anyway, I expect it will be good value for money like their others when it comes out so will definitely check it out.

    'Tone nice vid. I didn't know you'd been down to bean down. Doombar is good beer they sell that on draft in my local. You should come back to Stonehenge for crop circle season. Did you know that Avebury, Wiltshire is sort of the crop circle capital of the world with nutters from various countries turning up look at 'em and pubs selling themed beers, etc. I've not been to Glaston' Tour - looks nice there!

  3. DoomBar was a nice brew, followed by jagermeister shots, cornish rattler cider and some fine homegrown omnomnomnom. won £50 on the fruity in teh First Pub too, getting stoned on top of Brean Down then figuring out we had to get back down again was a laugh. good views of Weston-Super-Mere from the top though. We totally got the luck with the weather too, was warm and fine until the trip back and some insane monsoon near Reading!