Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Playstation Move - what happened?

Following from the topic of the last posts comments, mostly PS Move impresses with it's performance, accuracy and flexibility - it's just let down with support. So, does it suck or not...

The case for

It's a good gun. I have 'The Shoot' which is a good title and works very well. I haven't tried Time Crisis etc. but understand these also deliver, way better than the old home light-guns of yesteryear. So that's a tick.

Tumble makes everyone go 'cooo, it's good isn't it?'. Erm, yeah. Good. The tech rocks and as a showcase title for Move functionality, it's spot on. Just not a good enough GAME for me to upgrade from the demo to the full game (£7.99, just looked up - I thought it was £15 before?). 

Little Big Planet - Prehistoric Moves then LBP2 are great with Move, Media Molecule are the only totally successful implementation of the Move I've found aside from gun games...

The case against

By gun games, I'm not including FPS's. So far, none feel as natural as they should, although I've not tried them all. I think I can speak with a reasonable level of authority, as I'm a big KZ3 player (still clanning up with GoM from time to time) but never made the jump to Move, despite putting all those £'s down for the Move, navi and Sharpshooter. It's just not fun! In fairness, some use it and get killer scores, so it can be learnt. Hmm, maybe I will retry it. Maybe not. 

The Sharpshooter letdown. I was determined to get the Sharpshooter for a bargain as it's soo expensive, I did shave a five/ten off it with an eBay as new one. Yes, it's a great bit of plastic, as good as it could be aside from a weightier, bigger stock, BUT using it is not really very successful. It does work, but scores are crap compared to Dualshocking or even using the Move and navi controller in each hand. Boooo!

In summary, the promise of an uber controller so flexible that loads of new game mechanics will emerge, is crap, hasn't and won't happen. Even duplicates of Wii games are pretty thin on the ground, not many self respecting PS3 developers seem to think they are worth writing.

This MoveModo site keeps an eye on all Move support with a tone of unrelenting optimism. Good luck with that!

I will wheel out my Move controls every now and then, keeping an eye on the bargain bins for Time Crisis, Resi 5 Gold Edition and House of the Dead Overkill, all of which I think will deliver good fun with the Move - but as a super flexible skys the limit controller, hmm, nope I don't think it ever will be.


  1. at least it did better than uDRAW, i didn't even realise that pad had come out! i can't see why a touch pad wouldn't work on the PS3 though, it has more possibilities than the Move i feel, heck, i even played through the whole of Dragon Quest IX on the NDS using nothing but the stylus and it felt spot on.

  2. Also a useful information resource:

    [ ]

    I played "The Fight: Lights Out" for two to three hours & (literally) every single match I had to recalibrate the PlayStation Move controller(s).

    "Medieval Moves" had similar issues:

    [ ]

    From my experience, Kinect for Xbox 360 has some issues with object detection, but nowhere near as many as PlayStation Move has.



  3. ...oh yes, I tried "Killzone 3" & gave up as I could never find the correct settings that didn't mean I ended up looking at the floor or the sky.

    Those from a PC background may well prefer mouse-driven input but, for me, using a "joypad" controller (in my case, the SIXAXIS supplied with my original European launch day PS3) is a much-preferred option for First Person Shooter titles.

  4. @fp - you don't have the DUALSHOCK pad? i imported a nice white one from HK soon as they came out. but you're right with the recalibration issues, i can imagine how damn annoying it would be to have to realign my logitech/ms speed wheel before every race in gt5/f4.

    i ended up getting the MS Speed Wheel after i bought a Datel Power Racer 270, which has lovely design and build and promised full customisation but the thing had such a massive deadzone even after hooking it up to my netbook and reconfiguring it that it was unusable as an input device, i guess the deadzone was about 30' in total from left to right. so i took it back and gambled on the MS 'wheel'. a floating wheel does feel odd at first but after 1/2 hour got used to it and haven't looked at the pad for driving on the xbox since. lack of shoulder buttons is a bit of a gyp as you can't customise your car set-up with it, so have to disconnect it and use a standard pad. apart from that, it's top notch.

  5. @fp, oh yes I remember that Iwaggle site, I just checked the Last Of Us posts, the interviewer was so desperate for Move news which wasn't there - the game is clearly a Dualshocker! Nice Game List page on there.

  6. Wait - we can write in different colours on here!?
    Nice post Mr J. I've still not had chance to try out the move yet as it's quite an initial outlay. My wife was interested in trying one of the exercise type games. No doubt you probably need to arm yourself with two of those badboys like miniature dumbbells before you get to work. I don't want to buy it all only to have the missus play just once (don't get me started on the time when I bought the dance mat and accompanying game for PS2 under similar circumstances! :))

    Anyway I would like to try it out for the family-type games - LBP and so on. I don't think I would play it with a FPS as it would just look silly pointing that thing towards the bad guys - it just doesn't look menacing enough with the candy coloured light globe on the end of it like that (and even the plastic gun-shaped casing wouldn't make it appeal to me either).

    Maybe something will come out that ties together the Move, PS3 and Vita in some way?

  7. @Reakt if you are thinking along those lines, thats Wii-U stuff which we'll hear more about this year. Personally I hope Wii-U fails and nintendo become a software firm for other platforms, that would help keep the best titles in the hands of more gamers. Long shot though.

    I digress - don't get a Move, just borrow one sometime.

  8. But that'll be mega bucks I guess. Plus it's ninty and you know I'm a sony fanboy :)
    Will borrow a move thingy - think I saw one at work the other day :)

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