Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SR3 DLC time..

Check it out mofos ->

Want it early? I've not tried this yet ->


  1. but how tough is it gonna be for a couple of lv50 ganstas like ourselves? this DLC is a start i suppose, hope they drop some actual missions next time, though i do *heart* Genki arenas.

  2. veering off topic (again): i managed to build a 201mph Ford Sierra in Forza 4 last night. Also in teh process of putting together a ThreeSpeech sponsored Ratsun 510 for the F200 class races, it's eligible to enter 38 F class races. F4 has soo much more going for it in the customisation and events sections that GT5 can only dream of.

    won a copy of Halo Wars (RTS) on ebay for 3.40 over the weekend too.

  3. i guess like vanilla Genki, the weapons etc are limited, hopefully the difficulty scales up a bit steeper