Saturday, 7 January 2012

ThreeSpeech: Trolls Welcome


  1. i wonder if my copy of Bikini Samurai Squad will turn up today, i know it got less than good reviews, but hell, things are 'cult' for a good reason.

    what game do you have in your collection that's a guilty secret?

    i also has Rumble Roses XX, which is a very solid wrassling game behind the jiggle physix and upskirt pantie shots.

  2. never heard of, and truly the reviews show more stink that my fridge (xmas stilton still there, it was a big chunk). Good luck with that one..

    Just youtubed RRXX, and can indeed see the appeal, you are forgiven tone!

    I bought Vanguard mini from the PSN, as I remember my mate and I getting uber excited when we dropped many 10ps in it at Aylesbury Coach Station cafe in the early 80's. It really, really stinks, a buggy nonsense.

  3. O:BSS is an alright game it turns out, it does look like an HD port of a PS2 game, but hey, that sort of thing is OK now isn't it looking at all the HD remakes happening. in fact, i think O:BSS was a ps2 game, ported to wii, then redone for x360... i could be wrong though.

    Having spent some time with the game it doesn't pretend to be something it isn't, it's a cute hack'n'slasher and it's about as tactical as a Dynasty Warriors game, which i have a couple of. O:BSS = Lots of gore, a bit cheeky. some rpg lite elements, dress-up mode, zombies!

    I expect the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw to be exactly the same sort of thing when it comes out and will probably sell a similar amount.

    according to VGC O:BSS only sold 800 copies in the UK.