Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day 400 of Racing in Circles

The stat's are: over 35 million in credits won, nearly 500 1st podium places, 170 cars in the garage and an online AI rating to weep for... yepp, the sad, or awesome, truth depending on your view of racing games is that since i picked up my copy of GT:PSP last September or whenever it was i have not placed another UMD in my drive. I mean, why would i want to? i lurrrrrrve the GT series, except GT2 which i didn't bother with for some reason... As i hit day 400 a version of my favorite thrashing car came up for sale, yet another Nissan Skyline, this time the Pace Car varient that i never did get my hands on in GT4, so a slapped me cash down and hugged it very tightly. when racing the lights even flash :)

November can't come soon enough.

[mobiletone] because nobody else ever updates this thing anymore.


  1. @Tone - yeh soz for the lack of updates. Been busy at home - Mrs reakt gave birth to a girl yesterday. So not had much time for gaming / blogging.

  2. congrats mate.

    Hope they are both doing ok.


    There will be nothing left for you to unlock/buy on GT5 once you've imported your GTPSP & GT5p garages!!!!

  3. A belated Nappy Burpday to baby reakt.

    Best wishes to you all.



  4. yeh, the missus and daughter are doing great. Sony should make PS3 controllers in baby size! ;-)

  5. @ reakt - congrats mates, hope the rugrat is fine and well.

    @ pabloamigo - i am far far from getting all the cars in GT:PSP, there's 800 of 'em, so there'll be plenty to do once GT5 arrives. getting to know the tracks like the back of my hand though.