Thursday, 29 July 2010

R4 And Other Flashcards Outlawed

Good news for video game developers and publishers, bad news for would-be pirates in the United Kingdom. The government of the UK has banned the import and sale of R4 cards and other flashcart cards that allow play of pirated games on a Nintendo DS. The decision was made by a high court judge, who ruled that the flashcarts were illegal.

But are the 'pirate' device sellers listening? From chatting to our German contact on such matters it seems the law only applies to the 'slot 1' type devices (R4, M3 etc etc), leaving 'slot 2's not covered by the ruling yesterday. That above is my flash ROM bought today, and able to run in a NDS despite being a 'slot 2 ' unit. i got it to run 'back-up' roms in my GBA.

Quote taken direct from flash suppliers website:

Update (28.06.2010)

There we increases inquiries in addition received: with the Slot-1 maps available in the shop

This ruling is kinda bullshit, why not ban CD-Rs and the like as they can also be used for pirating?



  1. I get why they would try to outlaw this, but it's a battle they can't win, people will find a supplier no problem. They can't stop me taping the top 40 on a Sunday if I want either.

  2. i think CD-Rs was a bad example, i guess MP3 players would be an equivalent device as it is technically illegal to copy files off Cds you even own onto them to listen to.

  3. That website looks dodgy as hell, take it you paid and they shipped it ok? Been after a GBA flash cart for ages.

  4. @ mr monkey - a dealer selling pirating flash carts looking dodgy... \:D

    they came recomended and i've emailed them a few times, but once i have the cart in my hand i'll let you know how it is. they are currently working on an order backlog after a months break and estimate a week until shipping.

    paid via PayPal just to be safe though ;)

  5. Ah didn't see the pay-pal symbol anywhere hence the 'dodgy'

    My DS lite got nicked so been toying with the idea of getting a Gba, want to play Mother 3 on actual hardware too!

  6. yeah, put in a couple of hours on Mother 3 over the weekend, on my 11" netbook with xbox360 wired joypad, but it's not authentic unless it's on a 3" screen :)

    i currently own a GBA ice blue, a hot magenta GBA micro and i got a dark blue SP this weekend too (£15 from local retro shop). love the tiny but brilliant image quality on the micro, so bright and sharp.

    and tonight i picked up a GameBoy Colour (pikachu edition) and a copy of pokemon yellow on ebay for my sisters birthday as she collects poke stuff. hope she likes it.

  7. @ AnonymousMonkey -

    The item was handed over to the International Logistics Center Frankfurt on Aug 6, 2010 to be forwarded to Great Britain.

    looking good! :D

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