Sunday, 25 July 2010

You Can Keep Your Backwards Compatibility

For £26.50 i picked up a PS2 Phat, multitap stand and 2 memory cards. Gave it a strip down and clean inside and out when i got it home (dust bunnies inside!) and it runs just as good as it should. The Multitap didn't seem to work but it makes a great base with some brutal styling, also, yes, that is a harddrive i have on the side there, it's the old original one from my 60Gb in a case i had knocking around, not found much use for it bar saving stuff from Gran Turismo 4 and Tourist Trophy photomode, yay, loads of new wallpapers for my PS3 :) any other games for the PS2 that use a usb drive you know of??

The other thing, as i first noticed running my PSX, is that the games look better than being run on the PS3 using BC (it's plugged into a 1080p 32" Samsung using SCART rather than over HDMI), there is a noticable lack of the evil jaggies and the whole experience feels better, the PS3 dualshocks are noticably more sensitive on the thumb sticks which translates into twitchier handling in driving games, grr, so using the 'duller' PS2 pad is more comfortable.

Plus it uses only 79Watts of power compared to 200Watts for a full phat PS3, so it's more eco-friendly. Just ordered it a new Component lead and TOS-link audio.



  1. I would like one of those fighting sticks! I had my eye on one when street fighter iv first came out - but they were so expensive (and the limited edition one - the one to get in my opinion) was sold out everywhere at the time). I remember the street fighter one could be modded to include the original sanwa buttons (the guys who make the SF arcade cabinets) for the uber-elite [geeks]!

  2. If I had such a fighting stick - I'd still suck at fighters and have less of an excuse..

  3. Our PS2 phatty is still working great, its modchipped and isn't booting that way terrible well, but it works fine otherwise. My kid Kira plays scooby doo games on it almost exclusively, shame as it can do so much better!

  4. if i admit to playing The Sims 2: Pets would that make me any less l33t? -haha-

    GT4 still looks really good, and i get to play the 'proper' Burnout games again. surprised just how much i missed it, haven't touched my PS3 for over a week now...