Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Interesting Addition To The Family

Just home with this puppy and a copy of Pokemon Gold tucked in my backpack, it's the 2000 AGB-001 model, i like the fact you can see the batteries inside it. Impulse purchase as i was in Cashies picking up a new freeview box for the bedroom, they'd only just put it in the display case today, and at £6 for the handheld and the Pokemon cart i just couldn't say no... nearly, very nearly got the xbox360 limited forza console pack, but had enough will power and reminded myself GT5 is only 3mths away.

[mobiletone] i blame my mates and their damn pokemon collecting when they come over!

ps: have ordered a screen light+mag off ebay for it.


  1. Plenty fun to be had on a GBA, I've got an GBA SP which kicks about when the littleuns are fighting over the DS.

  2. i've bought a few Ninty magazines lately and have convinced myself that i need a N3DS when they eventually get released over here.

    i'm guessing we'll know more after the Tokyo Game Show with regards to pricing/dates.

    also catched a copy of pokemon fire red and the wireless adapter box set off ebay earlier.