Sunday, 4 July 2010

Not Forgetting The OTHER Car Game: TDU2


  1. The non-driving bits of this game look like they're taken from Playstation Home. Nice scenery and great lighting on the cars - super-shiny! I think this game is what my bro-in-law would probably call "car porn".

  2. the whole social side of this game does seem that way, but i guess turning up with a mate in your own car then chilling out around another mates pad does offer more than just hanging around a virtual shopping center or staring blankly at a lobby screen wondering when you'll get a race.

    so long as the free roam racing is as good as or better than Midnight Club i'll be well happy.

    car pron, definitely, gonna need a new box of tissues come November when GT5 drops on my door mat.

    TDU2, LBP2 and GT5.. massive time sinks of games all arriving within 2 weeks of each other, i'll be set up until summer 2012!