Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So Bad It's Practically Great

I can recommend watching some Harry Partridge 'toons, they're fun. As for the upcoming holiday weekend looks like i'll be spending it painting etc Rach's new flat. new homes, new beginnings and all that stuff hey... change... meh... women, they haz me wrapped around teh fingerz!

i know she said 'dirty weekend' but being covered in paint and plaster dust wasn't what i had in mind ;)


  1. Rach? New homes? Fingers with 'Tone wrapped around them? Tell us more!

  2. note to self:

    sudo apt-get --reinstall install flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfree

    *grumble grumble*

  3. Looks like Anonymous have totally pwned Sony - PSN internationally down for 9-10 hours so far. I just updated Pain which worked, but no Store, no signing in at all, including Vidzone which was going to run my daughters birthday party today for me - now I have to cobble some other sounds together (didn't realise had to be logged in to use it, fail).

    I'm usually all for fights against The Man in all his evil forms, but I don't get the Anonymous vs Sony really, I want Sony to have a successful business model so I can buy great games - end of.

  4. OK latest is the outage is related to an issue in Japan, and could be down for 2 days. This is a huge outage, can the PSN really have a single point of failure? Any business with more than 10 staff tends to have pretty decent site redundancy these days - they don't do capital letters big enough to spell EPIC FAIL

  5. Jeeeeez - 3 days and Sony pop there head up to say 'external intrusion' and 'we're drowning'. Is the PSN gone forever?

  6. its weak.. was my birthday the day it went down and had hoped to squeeze some killzone in, getting withdrawals symptons now. Maybe I should find one of these women creatures you talk about to take my mind off it.

    On the plus side I played through Heavy Rain while its been off (ironic considering the huge storm outside)and thoroughly enjoyed it...

    Hi folks btw

  7. Just seen the latest posts on the eww blog regarding PSN outage and the resulting reply comments and forum posts. So my details have been compromised you say Sony? Thanks for keeping them nice and safe for me! Time to change my credit card number I think. This is an enormous crisis for Sony - their biggest since the exploding laptop batteries incident I think!

  8. Cancelled our debit cards this morning at the bank, then phoned about the credit card, sounded like they were overwhelmed with calls about the issue.
    I'm not taking any chances, my details have been compromised before by an online store.