Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The only sports title (without cars) that I've ever loved...

... is coming back. SSX. Usual fanboy rubbish all over tinternet due to lack of visuals, here is our first proper info.

I have one request only - I want Mix Master Mike on the playlist :)


  1. i believe i had SSX 2 at some point.. never really got on with it, more into Dave Mirra BMX etc titles at the time i seem to remember.

    and if i want to zoom downhill in style, Downhill Domination is probably my favorite game.

    what's with the lack of bike love this generation?

  2. ssx 2 on ps2 was awesome!
    This is good news.

  3. Did the previous iterations have MMM on the OST, I never played 'em?

    Although skratchin' is my choice of audio for most occasions (Divine=Deejay name), racing games in particular seem to suit the genre perfectly.

    In the late 90's a staple fixture of a night round my place* was a combo of Star Wars: Racer (N64) Splitscreen MP & Q'Bert's Camel Bobsled Race ;)

  4. So Divine is your DJ name? You should talk to Jimmy about that - maybe he still has some of his mad skillz from back in the day! Interestingly, Divine is also the brand of Easter egg I just bought for my wife.

  5. http://www.todaysbigthing.com/2011/04/04

    guilty cat is, guilty.

  6. @reakt
    Ex deejay name if I'm honest, haven't really been near any turntables for at least 5 years. I didn't know Jimmy used to cut actually, that's quite cool.

    Not really impressed with all the hackery goin' on, haven't been able to log into PSN properly since Sunday.

  7. Yup cuttin and scratchin are the aspects of my game - I have dust 1210s in my attic room, used to do an internet show, been in bands etc. Love all the Skratch Piklz, Kid Koala etc. Soon come getting back into Reason song production maybe. Have to chat on it sometime Divine

  8. yep - MMM was in the first SSX I think it was

  9. @Jimmy
    Sounds good man. I had to box up all my equipment when we moved into our current place due to space limitations, but I only really intended it to be temporary.

    One of my friends was speaking to D'Styles on Facebook the other day actually; asking why everyone (Excess, Toadstyle, etc) seemed to all stop cutting, and he said most people (himself included) were really focusing on family issues atm.

    I guess a lot of guys will be feeling ready to take up cutting again after a hiatus of a few years.