Thursday, 7 April 2011

Post 666 : I Just Did A Sex Wee


  1. An amstrad cpc would be better - 80s fanboyism ftw!

  2. my Commodore Plus 4 kicked arse.

    but the uber machine was my BT:Merlin Tonto. just don't ask how i got it :)

  3. I think now might be the time to buy Threespeech from Crowd DNA, fancy looking into it with me Tone?

  4. @ e-role - is there cake in it for me? :)

    damn, it died 17th april 2009, that seems a looooong time ago, maybe it is time to dig the corpse up and reanimate it. that means we've been squatting here for nearly 2 years too.

    anyone else interested in zombie threespeech?

  5. theespeech forever baby!

    the c64 is awesome! but how are they expecting people to get hold of the c64 games i wonder (legitimately I mean). I threw all mine out yonks ago. It'd be even more awesome with a C64 online store.

  6. I think it'd be a good time to do it.

    James has left Crowd DNA (some time ago) So I guess we'll have to go through Kelvin (good chap)

    As Crowd DNA aren't really advertising the fact the created Threespeech, I cant see why we cant take it over.

    That or wait for Gamer DNA to take off?

  7. @cheEse-Role Is Emily still working there? I remember she was fit! :)