Tuesday, 12 April 2011

sorry about that lack of updates

what with work lately, a gig for the ***** Royal Dockyard digitising a bunch of drawings etc, seeing the little woman (think of a weirder prettier older version of lilly allen, she is an allen too! woot - that would explain the similarities in looks i guess), her 15yr old son got done for bricking a bl00dy shop window last week! *rolls eyes*. also the nice weather has me out on my bike a lot and it seems the only thing i get to play is PKM white during my breaks and some GT5 when i'm home.

i know there's a ton of decent stuff around at the moment, but IRL is handing out better trophies ;D


  1. Likewise re not posting, my work is dying a death and could dry up completely, I'm spending time doing the half term thing with Kira (11 next week) and cleaning out my attic room...

    ... which has unearthed my Amiga 500 and two giant boxes of 3.5" discs to go with it. Everything is there to get it running, so I'm going to check this retro beauty out again.

    I also went through my Computing Science degree box, wow I used to know some heavy maths. A also drew a lot of pictures of myself as an egotistical 20 year old DJ alien robot thing and wrote my crew name a lot "Sudden Def Massive in effect boyeeee" and similar.

  2. class :D

    thanks to a local guy called Rob i have just got an XBOX MAME unit, this thing is loaded with a ton of emulators too. total rom count is around 10,000 it's like having the entire 80s and 90s gaming history in one unit. i am kind of blown away and awash with nostalgia right now. damn, PAPERBOY was hardcore. -muehhehe-

    do i win at being a pirate? :)

    it's got a virtual boy on it too, so had a bash at 3d wario world (or something) such gems i find in this box.

    the Xbox has a crystal case and it isn't running XBMC, it's some weird other custom linux based system. more ifo once i sus this things out.

    just have to build myself a cabinet now hey?

  3. My IRL has been kinda busy as well. Just came back from Le Mans (too bad the race wasn't on!) one of quite a few business trips at the moment. Not been playing much at all unfortunately. Wake me up when StarHawk comes out!

  4. le-mans, business trip!? lucky bastard.

    got some time on TDU2 over the weekend, i like it, it's a cross between the last midnight club and playstation home, srsly. kind of weird wandering around a car dealership and bumping into other real peoples.

    played some Enslaved too, that was alright, after the epic start the following hour felt a bit flat, didn't play anymore. both games are rentals, think that's teh way to go this year until something suitably epic comes out. 11.11.11

  5. It's not much fun traveling on your own though. Next time I should take my PS3 and set it up in the hotel room!

    So what will come out on 11.11.11? I searched google just for fun and actually found something! maybe there will be a crappy game to tie in with this cheesy movie?!!

  6. 11.11.11 = SKYRIM!