Thursday, 9 September 2010

Classic GT4 Top Gear Feature


  1. Saw this on "Dave" again yesterday (twice).

    Thought of you at the time (twice) but didn't mention it yesterday.

    I suspect there may well be a feature on "Gran Turismo 5" in an upcoming programme given the inclusion of their test track.

    I'm still not sold on "Gran Turismo 5" though.




  2. i still play GT4... really looking forwards to 5 mind, i do wonder if they'll knock out a new Tourist Trophy now, they have the tracks and the bike models are already spot on from the PS2 version (just have 20 on track now with the added processing power instead of 4), just add more detailed rider models and a new front end/events and it's money in the bank for next to no work as far as i can see. :)

    yeah, saw it on Dave so had to repost it here, on the record i did the same track with the same model NSX in 1:30ish

  3. oh yeah, and this afternoon i spent 6hrs playing Zone of the Enders, bloody goood game, glad i decided to dust the box off and finally get around to playing the thing, shit thing was it doesn't autosave, so after i quit out i lost all my hours worth of gaming, augh!