Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Pain and Peggle, Peggle and Pain

Pain and Peggle both cheap in the store this week, if you ain't got em get em...

Peggle is a top party game even in single player, fighting over the controller stylee.

Pain is.... unique. Perfect for sniggering at mindless cruelty. Yay!

I'm glad I picked up Worms 2 Armageddon last week, network multiplayer is fixed - should have been patched in the last Worms really, but I'm forgiving them now I've got my grenades on. Campaign mode is easy from 1 to 30, then the tough 31 to 35 are much more fun. Just 34 to go and I've been soooo close....


  1. In terms of playing time against purchase price, Peggle is by far the most value for money purchase I've made on PSN. I still need to go back and finish off Nights once my current retro kick is over (Half Life on DC mixed with Hot Pursuit 2 and Paper Mario on DC).

    Not interested in Worms 2 - I'm sure it's great (as pretty much all Worms games are), but to be honest I'm sick of giving money to Team 17 for the same games over and over again...

  2. D'oh! I meant Hot Pursuit 2 and Paper Mario on GC...

  3. I feel your Worms 'Pain' El Stefio, it nearly stopped me getting it this time, glad I did.

    Nailed the last campaign level, v happy :)

  4. thanks for the tips. will have to check out those games. I also notice monkey island 1 and 2 are half price at the moment (and you save even more if you buy the pack that includes both) - thought that might be something that my wife might want to play as well. Seems like there's a lot of stuff on PSN I haven't tried out yet. I wonder how much of it is available for free to Playstation plus subscribers?

  5. can vouch for Peggle. The music is especially pleasing. Some of the challenges are fekkin hard tho.

    I did actually buy Pain ages ago but not really played it that much.

  6. My missus and daughter love Peggle, so there is your girl vote Reakt.

    Pain is really wierd, more of a toy than a game in some ways.

    My bro just dropped GTA libby city stories over, so I'm a rough tough biker now as well. Wishing I had time for big games like this, hope he doesn't want it back too soon...

  7. Lost and Damned is a damn fine story, i've just got Gay Tony to play through to finish the trilogy, nice how everything fits into the main Nico + Roman story line.

  8. agreed, so far the story beats Nico's for scene setting, the bike and car handling is way better too - good tuning Rockstar!