Friday, 10 September 2010

Nintendo Update Firmware, Pirates Shrug

Shame as we can unofficially report that the Hyper R4i, EZ Flash Vi 5i and Supercard DSTWO still work.


  1. I wish the same could be said for Sony's firmware update. There's no way to jailbreak your PS3 if update to latest firmware. Kind of disappointed as I was looking forward to what the hacker community would come out with software-wise once the PS3 has been opened up. (not interested in piracy).

  2. does it make me a bad person to admit to playing a cracked copy of Dragon Quest IX yesterday?

    on the up i do have to say it's the best looking NDS game i've ever played, it is a 256Meg ROM mind! and the whole thing can be stylus controlled, which is nice.

    currently got my character to Lv10 and enjoy chasing slimes around -haha- drop some loot you little bastards, drop it! :D