Friday, 17 September 2010

First Unofficial Racing Challenge?

Anyone interested in an Unofficial Racing blog to go along with the release of Gran Turismo 5 in a few weeks time? damn, it's so close i can almost taste the damp car smell and Easy Start.. I was thinking that i create a blog and post various fun challenges and races for us to compete in and we can post videos of our times up etc. I used to do this with Tourist Trophy back in the days before online multiplayer and it was always a laugh, think of it as a Power Laps board but embracing our funky PS3 powerhouse technology.

The challenges would be posted usually on a Sunday lunch time and the participants had the following week to aquire the necessary vehicle and get their times and videos posted before the following Sunday. As we now have the advantage of online multiplayer private racing we can meet up for head to head challenges  and also be such an event for us to show off our rides and battle against each other, or just generally goof around in on carts or such like. We could also have a featured car of the moment space too.

Anyway, just like throwing this idea out there for you guys, your input would be appreciated.


  1. You'll have us all for breakfast tone! I think you should go for it, although I'm not sure I'll even be picking GT5 up at launch, I've suddenly got loads to play though. We'll see..

    Mr "famed for his patience" Jimmy

  2. E-ROLE (smarter than the average cat)17 September 2010 at 11:52

    Sounds good, but not sure if I'll be able to keep up. My Gran Turismo glory days are way behind me. Was one the fastest in the UK on Midfield raceway (but only for one week) so I'm afraid you guys are going to be leaving me behind.

  3. Midfield is one of my favorite tracks, i always use it for testing new car set-ups :)

    But as with the old TT racing site, we'll all be using the same vehicles so no-one will have the advantage in time challenges. One of the last 'Goodbye GT4' blow outs we did (little did i know i'd still be playing it 3yrs later) was a race around Nurburging in Volvo 240 GLT estate cars...

    We were about fun racing and having a laugh more than it being srs bsnzz, you haven't raced at all until you've done a 4 way header in 1956 VW Beetles around Seattle urging the poor underpowered things to get up that hill -heh-

    i miss GT4 LAN sessions..

    @ Jimmy - i'm still pulling better times using my Hori arcade stick for some reason. weird.